Monthly Fee
Virtual CPU
1 Core
2 Cores
4 Cores
8 Cores
Virtual RAM
Disk Space

VPS Servers

VPS panelEasy
Control panel

Brzi SSD diskoviVery fast
Solid State Disks

Garantovan uptime99.99%

Automatski backupAutomatic

Gigabitni link1Gbps link
Tier-1 bandwidth

Datacentar lokacijeChoose:
EU or USA Datacentar

VPS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept credit card payments. If you wish to pay 6 months or 1 year in advance, we can accept wire transfer.

Q: What happens when I exceed the monthly bandwidth?
A: When you exceed the monthly bandwidth, you may still continue using your VPS server. Additional price for bandwidth is 0.04 EUR for every excess GB used. Only outgoing traffic is counted.

Q: Do you provide any discount?
A: Yes, by leasing VPS server for 10 months in advance, you will receive an additional 2 months server lease for free.

Q: What does 99.5% uptime SLA mean?
A: It means that your server will function 99.5% of the time, unless you opt to turn it off in your control panel.

Q: How do I cancel my server?
A: Simply send in a request through our contact page and we will cancel your subscription right away. Server cancellation request must be done within five days before the end of the month.

Q: Do I still have to pay if I temporarily turn off the server?
A: Yes, you still have to pay server rental even if you turn off the server temporarily through your client account; however, if you opt to cancel your account, you do not have to pay for it in the future.

For Developers

Order your server and it will be ready as soon as possible. You get a static IP address and root access to the server. We support IPv6 addresses on all VPS configs.
Serveri za developere

Scalable in 10 seconds

As your business grows, you can expand your server in only 10 seconds! Pay only the difference from your previous subscription plan to the expansion!

Lako povećanje VPS servera

Satisfied Clients

“We have been subscribing to the services of AdriaHost server for quite some time now, and we are happy with the kind of service we get!”
Dalibor Bulić,
Zadovoljni klijenti

Additional Services

Dodatne uslugeMaintenance 50€/month, Security 150€, DirectAdmin 10€/month, Parallels Plesk 10€/month, cPanel/WHM licence 20€/month, Firewall 70€, Monitoring and SMS notifications 20€/month.

Choose your Server Location

VPS datacentar lokacijeYou can choose the location of the data center according to your needs: New York, San Francisco and Amsterdam. This enables you to get faster server responses in certain parts of the world.

Supported Platforms

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