Send thousands of SMS to your clients simultaneously!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday?
Promoting a new product,
or sending out discount coupons?

With our web services, creating a message
to send out to a list is as easy as 1-2-3!

Number of SMS
Price per SMS
1.000 – 5.000
2,40 rsd.
5.000 – 50.000
2,20 rsd.
50.000 – 100.000
2,10 rsd.
100.000 and more
1,95 rsd.

Purchase as much credit as you need and send SMS. It’s very simple– no contract required, no minimum number of recipients, no program installation.

With Web2SMS Service, you can send a marketing and advertising SMS to unlimited number of contacts!

Campaign Statistics

Available on web with real-time information

Our application has a simple system of contacts listing which provides you with an easier and faster way to work with large lists of phone numbers. You can view and access the list of messages you sent, along with a list of draft messages. The best thing about this is that you can get everything done through a single internet page, anywhere you are.

Our service can send up to of 36,000 messages per hour; with the possibility of sending out messages to all three networks in Serbia: Telenor, MTS and VIP. You can schedule message sending in advance, precisely establishing the day and hour when the messages will be sent.

Big companies use SMS marketing in ther business.
Why wouldn’t you?

The following functionalities are supported:

  • Send SMS to phone numbers from the address book or from manually entered list of phone numbers
  • Define different senders (“From:”)
  • Delayed and scheduled message sending
  • Create an address books, organized by User Groups
  • Establish messages delivery speed (it is useful when you need to keep in touch with more than one user)
  • Review of sent messages defined by groups/message text/time of sending
  • Copy/paste function for easy copy of numbers
  • Save complete address book in CSV file
  • Work with number lists – merge, deduct, and automatic delete duplicates
  • API – you can simply connect your website or mobile application to send messages to the user automatically.
  • Simple sign out of user sending “Stop” in message (as legally required)
  • Integrated “Do Not Call” registry functionality.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do you have API? I would like to create my own service.

    Yes, API documentation can be found on home page of our application.

    How can I remove a user (unsubscribe) from my list?

    There is opt-out in every SMS, user needs to reply with keyword STOP and he will be unsubscribed.
    Example: Send STOP to 5005.

    How do I make a list of users?

    To send an SMS it is necessary to have the consent. So, you can not simply collect the numbers from somewhere and send, but users must register themselves, or give you a phone number to send them a notification. It is not that complicated – it is enough to ask them to fill out the form, or say that they offer to send sms receive a discount on the bill and therefore apply to the list.
    For example – Send ZARA to 063 xxx xxx and get 10% discount on your next purchase.”
    It is necessary to write something like “… sending messages shall be entitled to a discount and you consent to inform you of promotions and discounts …”.
    If you need this option to users of the application to the list, we can do this service for you. Contact us.

    What is the minimum number of messages that I can purchase?

    Minimum nubmer of messages you can purchase is 1000.

    Campaign Statistics

    Available on web with real-time information

    Brand Name Promotion

    Increase sales, make mobile phone numbers base.

    Service Discount

    Sms is cheaper than phone call, and more effective than e-mail.

    API for Developers

    Developing a web service? Call us to integrate our SMS Marketing.