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    1,907 rsd 3,221 rsd
    1,907 rsd 3,221 rsd
    1,754 rsd
    2,193 rsd
    2,150 rsd
    2,688 rsd
    1,839 rsd
    2,299 rsd
    3,395 rsd
    3,395 rsd
    1,839 rsd
    1,839 rsd
    1,839 rsd
    1,839 rsd
    1,839 rsd
    1,839 rsd
    920 rsd
    920 rsd
    3,254 rsd
    3,254 rsd
    3,327 rsd
    4,159 rsd
    2,122 rsd
    2,652 rsd
    5,545 rsd
    6,932 rsd
    4,329 rsd
    5,411 rsd
    4,210 rsd
    5,262 rsd

    If you have already registered domain, you could transfer it and redirect it with our help.

    Domain transfer represents registry change, i.e. the change of the company who does domain registration and maintenace for you. At your personal request registry makes domain changes such as its redirection, extension, activation of additional domain services and etc. If you have already registered domain in another place but you have purchased some of our hosting packages, we recommend you should also transfer the domain in order to ease complete administration process.

    The cost of the transfer to us of all international domain includes support services regarding the transfer and 1 year domain registration which is calculated from the date of completion of the transfer.

    Domain redirection or migration include change of domain DNS in terms of redirecting them to another hosting. Redirection does not mean transfer. Domain redirection is free of charge, and it is done exclusively at the request of the domain owner. If you registered the domain somewhere else, and rented the hosting with us, it is necessary to redirect domain to our DNS in order to make website visible. It is important to know that it takes 24 to 48 hours to complete redirection.

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