Terms of Service

Having subscribed to our services, you agree to comply with the Terms specified in this Terms of Service document in accordance with the Electric Document Act., Art. 4.

These Terms applies to all subscribers of AdriaHost Web Hosting service; with the objective of preventing illegal activities and/or breach of the AdriaHost servers integrity.

These Terms of Service likewise intends to protect the integrity, security, and privacy of the AdriaHost network; thus as subscriber of AdriaHost, you accept the rules of behavior specified herein. You are expected to not commit any action which is defined as unacceptable use of services as prescribed in this Terms of Service document.

Client Account

Anyone can sign-up for a client account on AdriaHost website for FREE. Upon signing up for an account on AdriaHost, the user is obliged to provide us with truthful information including name and surname, address, and contact details such as phone and email address. In case we found out that the user incurred in fraud in providing us with these details, we reserve the right to delete the client account, or refuse sign-up to our website. Upon successful sign up, you are registered user of AdriaHost.

Users are obliged to update their personal and contact information with us as necessary. It is to be noted that your client account on AdriaHost is non-transferrable, and access to your account on the website by another party is strictly not allowed, unless otherwise authorized by you.

By being a user of AdriaHost, note that all communications to you from the website are to be communicated via the email information you provide us with. We also send other notifications such as special offers and new services through email.

Domain Subscription

A user is responsible for subscribing to our Domain service through our website, along with the necessary payment. We shall not be held responsible as the user subscribed to the wrong service and paid for it. In which case, the service subscribed to will be activated, and additional costs may be charged on the user’s account. Registering an incorrect domain is likewise not reversible, as much as it’s payment is not refundable.

Transfer service of all domains from Adriahost and to Adriahost will be charged at the same price as for the registration of a domain ( exception is the transfer of RS ​​domain to us which is free ). The cost of the transfer to us of all international domain includes support services regarding the transfer and 1 year domain registration which is calculated from the date of completion of the transfer.

Important note: Transfer domains CAN NOT be made 60 days after the registration of the domain, or if there is 30 days or less until domain expiration. For RS domain there is no time restrictions.

Hosting Subscription

Subscribing to our hosting service can be made through our website, and payment shall be made accordingly as therein prescribed. A user must first inquire about the specifications and features of the hosting package before subscribing to the domain name. For more information regarding the hosting services that we offer, you may log in to www.adriahost.rs or by getting in touch with any of our representatives.


After successfully subscribing to any of our services, the user will automatically get a pro-forma invoice for the subscribed service sent to the user’s email address specified in the client account.

Modes of payment for the subscribed services include: payment with money order (if you are a natural person), payment upon pro-forma invoice (if you are legal entity), credit card payment (online) and bank transfer (for users abroad). If the subscriber fails to pay within the stipulated period, our representative will get in touch with the user; but if communication efforts fail, subscription will be cancelled.

Paying a service by any third party does not change the ownership of the services, nor change the whois registered domain information. The change of ownership of the services or whois registered domain data can be done exclusively through a ticket or company memorandum.

Money Back and Refund

If the subscriber is not satisfied with the subscribed service from AdriaHost, the user may ask for his money back in full within 30 days after subscription date. Refund is possible for shared hosting and streaming services. Refund is not possible for registration services related to Domains, VPS, or Dedicated Servers.

Finalized Subscription

Subscription to services such as Domain Registration, Web Hosting and Audio Streaming, will be activated upon finalized subscription through the payment of subscribed services fee. Additional services such as Static IP Address and Server Lease are likewise activated upon receipt of payment. AdriaHost reserves the right to refuse subscription on its discretion.

Access Parameters

After activation of subscribed service, the user will get Parameters for Access on the specified client email address. The subscriber is obliged to keep these data safe, and to not share this information to any unauthorized persons. The subscriber is likewise expected to ensure the security and integrity of their computer systems. In case the subscriber loses their Access Parameters, the same information may be re-sent to the specified client email address, upon getting in touch with our Technical Support and representatives.

Renewal of Subscription

As your subscription period is about to expire, you will get a notification e-mail regarding the expiry along with being informed through phone by our representative. You will be given the option to renew your subscription; otherwise, we will then terminate the subscription service. For our hosting services, website data are saved for 60 days by AdriaHost. Subscriber is then expected to maintain a backup of their website data within the stipulated period.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support functions exclusively through our ticketing system. We do not provide technical support by phone. The ticketing system is implemented to allow us to keep track of your requests and actions done to resolve the same. AdriaHost provides support for all issues related to: server functionality, installation of scripts (cPanel and Softaculous, WordPress, etc.); save that which concerns user settings and modifications. We likewise do not provide support for plug-ins, modules, components etc. which could be installed additionally to these scripts (eg. Joomla, WordPress).

Server Maintenance

AdriaHost reserves the right to implement changes and improvements on the software and hardware of our servers, in which shared hostings are hosted, with or without prior consent from our subscribers. In case a user is subscribed to the entire AdriaHost servers, and as we maintain the same for the client; important changes in the server configurations shall be implemented with prior consultation with the subscriber.

Content and Maintenance of Hosted Website

The subscriber is responsible for the uploaded content on their website hosted by AdriaHost servers. AdriaHost prohibits uploading of contents on the website which may be harmful for our servers; or any other servers in the Internet, as well as posting of links to websites which contains the same.

AdriaHost prohibits the following contents on websites hosted on our servers:

  • pirated software, or software promoting the same
  • hackers programs or archives;
  • wares sites, irc.;
  • felonious contents;
  • contents which violates any law or regulation in RS;
  • contents which infringe the property and Intellectual property rights of another;
  • contents implying unfair competition activities;
  • contents which violate good business practices;
  • contents which otherwise violates norms, customs, and good practices;
  • ..and any other content that is prohibited by the legal regulations of RS

Unauthorized access to the contents of another subscriber’s website is strictly prohibited, as well as applying changes to these websites; deleting; or otherwise altering any content found therein. Content management system users (PHP Nuke, Mambo, Joomla, etc.) as well as users of all other scripts which they post on their websites hosted on AdriaHost are obliged to follow the prescribed adjustments and changes for the protection of these systems; as much as they are obliged to remove familiar vulnerabilities by regular maintenance and by using patches and updates.

AdriaHost will not be held responsible in the event that a subscriber’s website is compromised. We strongly encourage our users to implement the necessary security measures to secure their websites; among which includes maintaining the integrity of their website files and online data. In case your website has been compromised, you may get in touch with our Technical Support by sending in a ticket. If the subscriber is not able to eliminate the infected files on their own, we may undertake the same subject to additional payments. Subscribers to our hosting services are not allowed to resell hosting services within the subscribed hosting package with AdriaHost.

Subscribers who intend to promote the hosting solutions of AdriaHost may opt instead to become a part of our Affiliate program: https://adriahost.rs/affiliate-program-en. In case we found out that subscriber resells their subscription to AdriaHost, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend the subscription, with or without prior information to the subscriber.

All use of hosting space provided by Adriahost is subject to the terms of this Agreement.
Shared hosting space may only be used for web files, active email and content of User Websites. Shared hosting space may not be used for storage (media, emails or other data), including, as offsite storage of electronic files, email or FTP hosts. AdriaHost expressly reserves the right to review every shared account for excessive usage of CPU, disk space and other resources that may be caused by a violation of this Agreement. AdriaHost may, in our sole discretion, terminate access to the Services, apply additional fees, or remove or delete User Content for those accounts that are found to be in violation of AdriaHost’s terms and conditions.

Backup and Maintenance

AdriaHost will not be held responsible for missing or damaged files and data of our subscribers. Subscribers to our services agree to be fully responsible for the security and integrity of all files on their hosting accounts; as much as they are responsible for the backup and maintenance of their websites. Subscribers can create backup in their cPanel.

We do a backup of all websites once a week.

Bulk Emails and Newsletters

AdriaHost must not be the source for sending unwanted and bulk e-mails to numerous addresses at once. Subscriber’s account on AdriaHost must not be the source for sending out Bulk e-mails, or that which is sent to more than 1,000 e-mail addresses, or more than 10 newsletter groups.

Violation of this provision entitles AdriaHost the right to suspend or terminate the subscriber’s account at anytime, without refund.

Please contact our Technical Support for any questions on e-mail sending limits and other concerns regarding the use of mailing list and sending out of bulk e-mails.

Subscriber Conduct

Adriahost aims to ensure that all of our subscribers comply with our standards in subscriber conduct; thus, we implement both preventive and corrective measures to implement these standards.

We may, from time to time, review activities by our subscribers, and act on any complaints regarding their subscriber activities in the following procedure:

1. In case of a complaint or unfulfilled obligations, AdriaHost will send an e-mail or get in touch with the subscriber by phone to notify them of the issue.

2. In case subscriber failed to respond within reasonable time, AdriaHost will suspend the website until the issue is resolved.

3. In case of repeated violations of the Terms of Service, AdriaHost is reserves the right to cancel or suspend subscription, without the need for refund.

4. In case our subscriber violates the law, AdriaHost will make available all relevant data and information to the authorities as required.

5. In case user activities cause material damage to AdriaHost (punishments, system damages…) we are entitled to charge all expenses twice as much to start legal procedure for reimbursement.

Bandwidth and Data Allocations

Subscriber to our hosting services must not overload the CPU of our server by more than 2% at any time. In the event that the latter happens due to poor optimization of website applications or database, subscription may be suspended until the issue is resolved. The subscriber is obliged to be updated on the remaining space on disk. In the event that the free space falls below 10% of the total space, subscriber must subscribe to a bigger package or delete unnecessary files.

Bandwidth is likewise allocated appropriately to subscribers depending on their subscribed hosting package. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to monitor the use of bandwidth; and we reserve the right to suspend a subscription of a client who has used up all allocated bandwidth in their site within the months. In the event that your website requires more bandwidth, get in touch with us so we can provide you with the most appropriate solutions.

Changes in Rates of Services

We reserve the right to modify services rates without prior notice.

Suspension of Subscription under Extraordinary Circumstance

AdriaHost reserves the right to implement changes to, or suspend any website, account, database, or any website component which may be causing server overload.

Procedure in case of compromised account

If a subscriber’s hosting account is hacked, infected with virus, spammed, or compromised in any way, AdriaHost implements the following procedure to address the issue:

1. Account suspension following an email notification and communication via phone with the client on the first instance of website breach.
2. Account suspension for the second instance of website breach.
3. Termination of hosting subscription without the option of refund for the third instance of website breach.


AdriaHost shall not be held liable for any damage incurred to you, or your business or organization by your association with AdriaHost. We do not guarantee directly or indirectly the fitness and availability of the servers we provide; as much as we may not be held liable for loss of data, failure to deliver messages, falsely delivered data, settings of mail account as well as for all other interruptions in your website availability.

Adriahost is not liable for any damages that may result from incorrect contact information on the client’s account or outdated whois domain data. The client is obliged to maintain contact information on his user account, as well as whois domain data and to ensure the security of the access parameters of his account.


By subscribing to any of our services, client agrees that he is not entitled to any reimbursement from AdriaHost including requests, loses and expenses, including lawyers and court procedures expenses. AdriaHost is likewise not responsible for the following:

  • damage or injury incurred to another by relying on the service we offer;
  • violation of, or alleged violation of the rights of any third party;
  • violation of any of our subscriber of another’s property rights.


All products purchased at a promotion or promotional campaign with Adriahost can not be migrated or transferred from Adriahost in the first 60 days of service. If it is necessary to migrate or transfer the service in the first 60 days, Adriahost reserves the right to charge the difference in price to the full price of the service.

AdriaHost reserves the right to change, or otherwise update or amend the provisions of this Terms of Service document, with or without prior notice. This Terms of Service document is effective upon publishing on site.