Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow all kinds of website?

No. Website with contents which may be harmful to Adriahost servers, or any other Internet server are not allowed to host with us. We likewise prohibit websites that post links to the latter online. Unacceptable contents also include pirate software, hacker programs or archives, warez site, irc, and similar sites.

Could I purchase hosting with you although I am an individual?

Yes. After ordering service you will get instructions for money order and you could make payment in any post office or a bank.

Can I pay for the hosting service through my company bank account?

Yes. Being a legal entity, we can issue a pro-forma invoice for the services we offer.

I paid for web hosting and domain, when could I expect them to be activated?

While the usual practice would be that your website is activated within 24 hours after payment, we are able to activate websites within 10 minutes after payment. Your website may be functional on the same day you order.

Will I be informed of the expiration of my subscribed services?

Yes. As you subscribe to any of the AdriaHost services, you will get a notification email along with a phone call from our representative. For this reason, it is important that you provide us with accurate and correct contact details. You will be informed within 30 days before your service expires.

I would like to transfer my website to your servers, but I don’t know how.

AdriaHost can take care of your website transfer for you–for FREE. Soon as you subscribe to our services, we undertake the website transfer on your behalf. Following a successful site transfer, our representative will contact you for the pro-forma invoice for the desired hosting package.

Can I get technical support over the phone?

AdriaHost Technical Support functions exclusively via our ticketing system as it allows us to keep track of your requests and issue resolution more efficiently. We do not provide Technical Support over the phone. Read the manual here: How to open a ticket for support

I cannot login to my cPanel. Why?

A possible reason is that you entered the wrong password. Bear in mind that the login fields as case sensitive (sensitive to capital and small letters). If you key-in the wrong password ten times in a row, the account will be inaccessible for an hour; after that, you can try to log in again. In case you are having problems logging in your cPanel, you may send us a ticket.

My website is suspended. Why?

AdriaHost reserves the right to suspend clients website in case the latter has been found to attempt or to actually commit a breach of the AdriaHost Terms and Conditions of Use; in which case, you will be informed of the circumstances regarding the same. Another reason would be that your subscription has already expired, and you might have missed notification from AdriaHost; or has given us inaccurate contact details.

My website has a virus, what should I do?

1. It is necessary to clean all your infected files.

2. You must keep parameters for hosting safe. If you must give your password to someone, change it after that person finishes the access. Do not write down passwords or share them with many people.

3. You must be sure that your computer is free of viruses, troyans, keylogge etc. It is also required to perform scanning of your computer on regular basis.

4. Regularly update your scripts and programs which you downloaded. Always upgrade the last version of your blog, forum etc.

5. Do not put writable permissions on files. Correct permissions are 755 or 644, and this could check in your File Manager. Most users avoid 777 permissions, but you avoid permissions which allow Group or World writing. (That is everything ending in 7, 6, 3 or 2. The first number could be any of these, but not the last two.)

Do you do data backup?

Yes. AdriaHost does backup of all websites once a week. However, the user takes full responsibility for all files on purchased hosting as well as for their maintenace and backup. The user has the option to do his backup from cPanel alone.

Can I purchase a domain which is already registered?

A registered domain may not be registered by another party. It is only possible if the current domain owner is willing to give or sell the domain name to you.

How do I extend my domain subscription?

As your domain expires a year (or more, depending on your subscription period) after the day you register your domain, you have 27 days to renew your subscription to retain your domain name. When the international domain expires you have 27 days to renew it at a regular price and during that period you are still the domain owner even though the domain is not visible on the internet. After 27 days, the domain enters the redemption period and can no longer be renewed at a regular price. When the .rs domain expires you have 30 days to renew the domain and is in your possession for that time. Upon expiration of 30 days, .rs domain becomes free again and can be registered by anyone.

I have domain with you, how to change whois data?

If it is an international domain (.com, .net, .org…) you should send a ticket to our technical support. Change of whois data of international domains is free of charge. If it is a national domain (.rs,,,, change of whois data is complicated procedure and you should also send a ticket to technical support. This procedure is charged additionally according to the price list of RNIDS.

How do I change the DNS of my domain?

Please contact our technical support through ticket system and write the name of domain and new DNS to which domain should be directed.

Is the change of DNS charged additionally?

No. This service is free of charge.

I uploaded my website but I still see AdriaHost page on my account?

It is necessary to delete AdriaHost default page from your hosting account.

How many mails are allowed to be sent on your server?

Limitation in number of sent e-mails is 500 per hour per domain.

I cannot upload website from the local computer?

Send us your website in .zip archive, and we will upload it for you.

Do you have cPanel?

Yes. All Adriahost servers use cPanel as a panel for managing hosting account.

Can I host more websites on one package?

Of course, if your package has the option Addon domain.

Do you host Windows sites and applications?

Yes, we can host Windows on Windows VPS and Dedicated Server solutions.

How to choose hosting package?

If you have a website or is using any of CMS which requires only 1 database, our Basic package is enough. However, if you want more advances options such as hosting a few domains, see our Business Package.

Is it possible to change hosting package?

Yes, you could ask for a change of hosting package at any time, whether you change it to a smaller or a larger package.

Do you give SSH access?

SSH access is enabled on dedicated servers, in case you want to maintain server on your own. SSH is not possible on shared hosting.

Could I change password for cPanel?

Yes, click on Change Password icon in your cPanel.

Can you migrate my website data from my previous hosting service?

Yes. Just send us the access data and we will migrate your website data for you.

Can I host an adult content website with you?

Yes, as long as it is in accordance with our Terms of service.

Could I order ‘custom’ package?

If you have special wishes for your hosting account, contact us by e-mail in order to arrange that.

Are there any additional costs?

No, all expenses are shown during purchase.

Do you offer FREE hosting service?

No, but under specific circumstance we are open for sponsorship. Contact us regarding your project.

I forgot my password and cannot log in to my client account. What should I do?

You can ask for a reminder of your access parameters on Just indicate the registered email address, and click Send. A new password will be sent to your email.

How can I reset my password on my client account?

Just log in to your client account, click to My Account, and key in your new password in the Password Change box.

I would like to receive information through a number of e-mail addresses. How do I add a new contact to my client account?

Log in to your client account and click on My account – Add new contact.

How can I change the mobile phone number to which I get information on expiry of AdriaHost services?

Log in to your client account and click My account and in the field Mobile phone for SMS messages type in the phone number to which we will send information. The number is entered in the form: 3816xxx for Serbia, 3876xxx for BIH, 3826xxx for Montenegro.

I made mistake while placing an order, how to correct it?

If you made a mistake while ordering a service, we will correct everything for you, you just have to contact us by phone +381 11 40 44 770 or by e-mail, on weekdays from 09h to 17h, Saturday from 09h to 15h.

I bought hosting package with you but I would like to switch to a larger package, is that possible?

Sure, there is a possibility to upgrade package. You only pay the difference in prices of two packages and when you decide to do it, you just contact us by phone +381 11 40 44 770 or by e-mail and we will arrange everything for you.

I paid for domain, when will it be activated?

We activate services immediately after recorded payment. Payments are recorded on weekdays from 9h to 17h. After the receipt of payment, we will register domain which you ordered and after registration, it is necessary to propagate a domain, and it takes 24 to 48h to do that.

I want to change my domain name, can you do that for me?

Once your domain is registered, it is not possible to change the domain name. Your only option would be to purchase a new domain; therefore, we suggest that you exercise diligence in subscribing to a domain name.

Is it possible to change the owner information for an international (.com, .net, .org…) domain?

It is possible. The actual domain owner should send us a ticket for the request, along with the details concerning the domain owner information to change.

Is it possible to change the owner information for a national (.rs,,…) domain?/strong>

Changing the owner information of a national domain owner takes time as it involves a complicated process. We require the domain owner to submit an official request for owner change charged paid in accordance with the price list of RNIDS. This is also the reason why we contact the client prior to domain registration to make sure that we get an accurate owner information.

Do you offer Affiliate program?

Yes. For years, AdriaHost has been successfully worked with Affiliates–individuals and companies alike which offer web services. We currently have two programs–for webmasters and web designers.

How can I become an Affiliate?

First you should create an account on page and after creating an account, click to link and then button Activate affiliate account.

What are the advantages of your Affiliate Program for Web Designers?

Cooperation intended for web designers who are in constant need of web hostings for their clients has many advantages:
• you could present your design studio for free using
• you will receive from us offer inquires for website designs which come through
• you get 50% of purchased hosting package for each of your client
• we will provide support to your clients and remind them when the time comes for payment, that will leave you more time for your work. If that does not suit you and you want to communicate with your clients – no problem, we support that model of doing business as well.

How do the Webmasters earn money?

Webmasters earn when they post a banner on their website, linked to their Affiliate account. When their website’s visitor clicks on the Adriahost banner; subscribe to a service and pays for the same, the webmaster earns Affiliate commission.