Registering .RS domains

Domains can be registered within the following of address space :

• RS – intended for all interested parties – individuals and legal entities
• CO.RS – intended for commercial entities – legal entities;
• ORG.RS – intended for other registered organizations – legal entities;
• EDU.RS – intended for educational institutions and organizations – legal entities;
• IN.RS – intended for individuals ;

Domain can be registered :

• by a person – a citizen of the Republic of Serbia , residing in Serbia

• by a person – a citizen of the Republic of Serbia , who has no permanent residence in Serbia , but only through an agent ( administrative contact ) who resides or seat in Serbia and who is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia ;

• foreign persons – if he has a permit for permanent residence in Serbia or through an agent ( admi nistrativnog contact ) who has his seat or , in Serbia and who is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia

• a legal entity – Serbian citizen , based in Serbia

• a legal entity – a foreign citizen who has no residence in Serbia , through an agent ( administrative contact ) who has his seat or , in Serbia and who is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia .

• RNIDS registered domain by properly apply for registration , the registrant who submitted RNDIS – in through the registry ( AdriaHost ) .

• Registrant may register one or more domain names and each submitted a separate request .

• By submitting an application for registration , the registrant certifies that accepts these general terms and conditions of the registration agreement . Rs domain , and that he fully agrees with them .

• Registrant is , when filing the application for registration , required to provide true , accurate and complete information about yourself , administrative and technical contact , as well as data on the primary and secondary DNS server for the domain .

• Domain has been registered for a period of one to ten years , with the possibility of renewal of registration.

• Registrant paid registry fee for the registration of domains at the time of filing the appropriate requirements in accordance with the agreement he made with him .

Frequently Asked Questions :

For that purpose you can register a domain ?
By submitting an application for registration . Rs domain registrant accepts the general terms and conditions of registration. Rs domain RNIDS posted on the site and especially states that the registration requirement. Rs domains do not insult someone else’s intellectual property right or any other right , and that the information in the application is true and complete . Registrant also declares that . Rs domain is not registered contrary to the principle of good , honest and fair business practices , and that . Rs domain will not knowingly use contrary to these principles .

What happens if you pay for domain registration , and registration is not successful ?
Approval of registration depends solely on RNIDS ‘s. Domain was officially registered only when it receives confirmation from RNIDS ‘s. In the event that you make a payment for the registration and registration is not approved by RNIDS , the AdriaHost will allow you to register at no additional charge another domain in the address space with the same price, or return the money paid . This does not apply to the case that RNIDS receive your request and payment of the registration of domain AdriaHost ‘s, and then due to a non-existent or faulty documentation refuse to register or deleted domain . AdriaHost reserves the right to cancel without indemnity to apply for pre-registration if it is found to have submitted falsified data or applications otherwise violate the rules of registration. Rs domain .

How most domains can be registered to a natural or legal person ?
There are no such constraints . And legal and natural persons can register as many domain names that make their payment and delivery of the necessary documentation .

What if someone else register my name ?
Domain register by order of application . If you have a basis to prove that registered the domain name belongs to you and that it is a registered unfounded or malicious , you can initiate arbitration before RNIDS or pay a regular court . Therefore AdriaHost recommended to hurry up and register yourself all is domain names that you may need.

Does a foreigner can register the domain ?
Yes. The administrative contact , which has all the powers in respect of the domain , it must be a Serbian citizen or a legal entity based in Serbia .