Monthly Fee
Quad-Core S
16GB 4GB
2x2TB 2x500GB
from 69€ Order
Quad-Core L
16GB 4GB
2x2TB 4x500GB
from 79€ Order
Hexa-Core S
32GB 8GB
2x240GB SSD
from 119€ Order

Dedicated Servers

Jednostavan panelEasy
Control Panel

Serveri sa SSD diskovimaVery fast
Solid State Disks

Garantovan uptime99.99%

Automatski backup serveraAutomatic

Gigabitni link1Gbps link
Tier-1 bandwidth

Više datacentaraChoose Location:
EU or USA Datacenter

Dedicated Servers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept credit card payments. If you wish to pay 6 months or 1 year in advance, we can accept wire transfer.

Q: What happens when I exceed the monthly bandwidth?
A: When you exceed the monthly bandwidth, you may still continue using your server. Additional price for bandwidth is 0.04 EUR for every excess GB used. Only outgoing traffic is counted.

Q: How do I launch my website with the new server?
A: AdriaHost will migrate your current website data to your new server for FREE. You have a lot of data – we have huge upload!

Q: Do you charge for setup?
A: Yes, 50 euros one-time.

Q: What does 99.99% uptime SLA mean?
A: It means that your server will function 99.99% of the time, unless you opt to turn it off in your control panel.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
A: Just send us a request through our contact page and we will cancel your server.

Q: How much is the data backup service?
A: You can backup your data into a separate folder or to another disk on your local server for free. However, we suggest you subscribe to the AdriaHost Premium backup, where your data are synchronized to geographically remote location.

Additional services:

What we offer for the maintenance of your server:

  • cPanel/WHM licence – 29€ / month
  • Fully managed – 50€ / month
  • Server Security – 150€ / single payment
  • 5 additional IP addresses – 50€ / month
  • 65k IPv6 addresses – FREE
  • Offsite backup – 100€ / month
  • Software Firewall – 70€ / single payment

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