We are
cPanel partners

We provide cPanel licences
for dedicated and VPS servers

We use cutting edge software for server
maintenance and we provide
excellent support.


  • Up to 1 account
  • Quick Activation
  • Free Installation
  • Available on VPS and Dedicated
  • For small companies


  • Up to 5 accounts
  • 0.2 eur per additional account
  • Quick Activation
  • Free Installation
  • Available on VPS only
  • For freelancers


  • Up to 100 accounts
  • 0.2 eur per additional account
  • Quick Activation
  • Free Installation
  • Available on VPS and Dedicated
  • For hosting companies
NOTE – To lease a cPanel license, you must have a leased server with Adriahost and a CentOS operating system installed.

Adriahost cPanel partner

Professional Support

Need professional support for your server? We can help very quickly. The cost of solving the problem is 25 eur. Contact us ->

Easy Migration

Migrations to cPanel from other panels can be a problem, which is why cPanel has developed a number of tools to help you make your migrations quickly and easily.

Client Management

Very simple user management comes with every cPanel license. In the WHM panel, you have an overview of your users and you can add, delete, and suspend them.

Server Security

Secure your server on several levels using email encryption, free SSL certificates and a built-in firewall, directly from the WHM panel of your server.


cPanel provides free and very easy SSL certification for all domains you host on your server. Free SSL also applies to any subdomains you have on the server.

    If you have additional questions about cPanel licenses, please contact us and we will assist you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What do I get when I buy 1 account cPanel license?
    You can have multiple sites with one cPanel account. For example, you can set up 100 domains and set up a separate site on each domain. All of these domains will be in the same cPanel account and from there you can manage them as well as any other necessary actions on the sites you place there. If you want to separate each site or domain into a separate cPanel account then you need a cPanel license that supports multiple cPanel accounts.
    • How can I pay for a cPanel license?
    You can pay for cPanel license as an individual or legal entity from Serbia, through a PayPal account or with a credit card anywhere in the world.
    • How long does it take to get my cPanel license?
    When you order a license and our accounting records the payment, we immediately issue a license for you.
    • Is there a free alternative to cPanel?
    There are hosting management panels that are free. Note that for such a panel you should also have additional knowledge to install, configure, and deploy to the server. Often panels like this do not have the option of technical support since they are free, so keep that in mind.
    • I need the cPanel support, where to go?
    You need to contact us. Support for cPanel in Serbia can be obtained by opening a ticket from your client account. To get technical support for your cPanel you need to have a cPanel license purchased from Adriahost.
    • What are the biggest benefits of cPanel?
    cPanel is currently the most developed hosting management panel that brings together a large number of users that influence development and improvements. It has great documentation that can be helpful when you run into a problem or you just don’t know how to do something. cPanel also offers technical support for all issues and issues related to the operation of this panel.
    • Do I have to install cPanel on my own?
    No. We can install the cPanel license for you and free of charge. All you have to do is lease a license with us.