Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Breach of Affiliate Conditions

AdriaHost will not tolerate any attempts or actual breach of Affiliate conditions. If you have been found to violate the Affiliate terms, AdriaHost will suspend your account and withhold payment.


We reserve the right to suspend the Affiliate account of any party who provides us with erroneous identity, address, or requested information. We may likewise refuse payment of accrued Affiliate earning on the same account.

First Payment

AdriaHost reserves the right to make payments to all new affiliates 60 days after the first paid order by a client directed to us through the affiliate. This way, AdriaHost is secured from possible abuses in terms of fake orders and broken deals.

Spam Use

The use of spam for advertising AdriaHost services is strictly forbidden; sending bulk e-mails, IRC posts or any other form of spam.


The Affiliate is completely responsible for advertising AdriaHost through all the materials appearing on their website for this purpose. The Affiliate will receive prepared banners from AdriaHost, which may not be altered in any manner. We will not tolerate any kind of user misrepresentation in terms of inaccurate and erroneous adverts. The use of pop-ups is likewise not allowed in AdriaHost advertising. You can bid on PPC networks for keywords which are related to AdriaHost for the purpose of direct traffic to AdriaHost; but the words “AdriaHost”, “”, “Adria Host”, “” must not be used. You may bid for phrases which include any of the mentioned names though, such as “AdriaHost offer”, “AdriaHost hosting”, etc. When you are setting the advertisement in PPC campaign, use of URL or is likewise not allowed. The aim of these guidelines in terms of PPC advertising is to preserve the integrity of the AdriaHost brand and its reputation. We do not want Affiliates or any third persons to misrepresent themselves as AdriaHost, causing confusion in the market.


Subscribing for our hosting services from any of our Affiliates shall be credited to the latter’s account only if the same has been directed from the Affiliate’s account exclusively–and not one from his or her company or organization’s website.

Confidential Information

As an Affiliate of AdriaHost, you are obliged to keep good reputation of AdriaHost d.o.o, as well as brand. All kinds of information or material which you may have received in connection with our Affiliate program (mail, phone number, offer, materials, conversations and similar) are considered to be confidential during the Affiliation and a year after the cessation of the same.