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**If you pay 1 year upfront, you get 35% discount

FREE Centova Cast Control Panel!

Our clients enjoy the best control panel for streaming for FREE. Control program broacasting, watch statistics, and play music in one place!
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What You Get

• Easy configuration
• User-Friendly Controls
• Detailed statistics
• Monthly reports
• Real-time statistics
• Automatic monitoring
• All options in 2 clicks
• and much more…

Create your own radio station

SPECIAL OFFER– FREE streaming for radio stations! We offer FREE audio streaming package for up to 64kbps / 10 listeners!

Streaming Server Packages for Large Consumers

100Mbps unlimited
Servers with unlimited monthly bandwidth and a 100Mbps uplink.
Monthly from:


50TB bandwidth
High-bandwidth servers for radio and TV stations with more audience. 1Gbps uplink.
Monthly from:


1Gbps unmetered
Servers with unlimited monthly bandwidth and a 1Gbps uplink.
Monthly from:


If you own a radio station, you get streaming 64kbps / 10 listeners for free.

What is audio streaming?

Audio Streaming service enables you to start your own radio station very simply. If you are currently operating a radio station, Audio Streaming makes it possible for your station to be heard everywhere in the world. As long as your listener is online, your program may be heard all around the globe. No need to invest in expensive implements and equipment for a radio station, nor apply for work permissions and approvals. With Audio Streaming, you grow your audience base for less.

How does it work?

You can start you own radio station by subscribing to any of the packages we offer. Download and install the FREE streaming software (Winamp and ShoutCast DSP Plug-in) from our website and start broadcasting right away! All listeners of your website can be listeners of your program too by simple click on specified link on your website. The best thing is that you do not have to be in your radio station– just create a playlist and it will be broadcasted automatically. Read the detailed instructions for audio streaming here.

What are the advantages of AdriaHost streaming solution?

  • With AdriaHost Streaming solution, you get the package that suits your needs best. Our offers are flexible– you choose the number of listeners to your program and the quality of your audio streaming.
  • We provide the most competitive and the best quality streaming solution in the region. With over 1000 mbps links on our multiple servers, we guarantee that you get optimum quality stream. We also provide unwavering technical support online and by phone.
  • Our Streaming Solutions also allow you to be completely in control of your program. From the number of listeners, bandwidth statistics, home page setup, and such other settings; you get to decide.

Click here for Audio demo

    Free streaming for radio stations!

    If you own a radio station, you get streaming 64kbps / 10 listeners for free

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