Do not let hack attack stop your business.

With our Data Backup service, you can have your website’s data secured on a server abroad, backing up 10-week versions!

Premium Backup Features

Backup is stored on secured datacenter abroad

One website copy saved per week

We save the last 10 weeks versions (10 website versions)

Backup is done automatically, no need to do manual backups

Recover files or recover the entire website content from backup easily

Complete backup of your entire server

Dedicated Server or VPS Backup

    • we also provide backup service for clients are not subscribed with us
    • price depends on the backup data size
    • backup solution does not overload the disk and does not increase load on server
    • data are compressed; thus saving space on backup disk
    • full backup is done, and backup updates once a week


Prices depend on data space occupied on backup disk. Monthly rates are as follows:

Disk space
Price per month
Less than 50GB
25 eur
50GB - 100GB
30 eur
100GB - 250GB
40 eur
250GB - 500GB
59 eur
500GB - 1000GB
89 eur
1000GB - 2000GB
139 eur

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