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Affiliate Program

affWhen a visitor is directed to our website through our banner posted on your website, it remains written as a cookie from which website the visitor was directed from, and that information could not be deleted or avoided. Your affiliate ID is saved in this cookie for up to 6 months; thus, we can keep track of your earnings. This also gives you the security that the earnings accrue to your account, and not merely deleted or forgotten after redirection to our website.

50% Commission

3 x Business hosting103,5 eur
3 x Business Plus hosting208,5 eur
5 x Business Plus hosting347.5 eur


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If you are an IT specialist, programmer, webmaster, graphic designer, blogger, or any other similar professional, you may have surely been asked many times by your clients and acquaintances regarding the best companies to subscribe for their hosting needs; in this case, we strongly encourage you to sign up to become our Affiliate. While everyone may sign up to become our Affiliate, we believe professionals in the IT industry are best suited for this program. Whether you are one who owns a company or works at home; our Affiliate program will give you the chance to earn more.


Inform to earn

Why would your professional advice be FREE of charge? The next time someone asks you about a hosting service, give him your affiliate link or offer to solve the issue for him. Your client will be grateful for your help; and on top of that, you earn by being our Affiliate. It is important though that your client clicks on our banner or Affiliate link from your website to be able to register the Cookie that should allow the earnings to accrue to your account.


Statistics and payout

When you log in to your account you will see the number of clicks on your link or banner, the number of purchases made, and the value of your share. Our program is open for everyone in the country and overseas; both for companies and individuals. You can use your earned money to subscribe to any of our services or you can request for a payout by sending us a Ticket. Payout is done once a month for the period covering the 5th to 10th of the month. Minimum payout is $50. If your accrued earnings is less than the minimum, you may opt to apply the amount as a discount to our service, or earn more until you reach the minimum amount.


How it works

We give 50% of hosting price, for each new client or existing client you refer to us. When a visitor clicks on your banner on your website, he is redirected to our site and the cookie remains on his computer so this information can not be deleted or bypassed. Your affiliate ID is stored in a cookie for 6 months, so you can not lose money. This is made to avoid situations that visitor visits your site, and later comes directly and not through your banner, and you lose profits.


When do we give free hosting?

If you are an active partner you get free Business Plus hosting package for your company. All you need to do is:

  1. set banners on your website,
  2. write a post of recommendation with your affiliate link and share it on social networks…
  3. and send 3 new clients per year.

The alternative is to send 5 new clients or refer 5 of your existing clients to us.

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