.срб domain registration

If we want to go in step with the development of the internet, we will have to create and maintain our personal web identities – what is for many companies, organizations and institutions become a condition of good business. Variety domain is huge, and the fact that the large amount of concepts, fictional and real, busy, starting to concern. Therefore, we introduce .срб domain opens up a large amount of new options and possibilities for taking internet space. Given that the cyrillic phonological (one letter corresponds to one vote) .срб domain represent real relief for pronunciation and avoiding possible mistakes and misunderstandings.

Who can register .срб domain?

In a period of six months from the start of work .срб domain, the right to register with the existing owners of .Rs domain. It is possible to register only .срб domains that are directly related to your .Rs domains.

How to register .срб domain?

For each existing .RS domain, you can choose only one .срб domain of the listed registration. If you want to register another .срб domain, which is not offered, we recommend that you register that same Latin .Rs domain, and you will be able to register immediately .SRB domain. Example: If you have a domain wordpress.rs, you will be able to register for free one of the following domains:

  • љћшордпресс.срб
  • љћшордпресш.срб
  • љћшордпрешс.срб
  • љћшордпрешш.срб

and if you want to buy вордпрес.срб you will have to register vordpres.rs first. Domain check for .срб domain can be done at this link.

I’ve got .rs domain with AdriaHost, how to register .срб domain?

You need to check cyrillic equivavalent of your .rs domain at this link. Pick your .срб domain and send us your request via ticket. AdriaHost will register .срб domain for free.

I have .Rs domain with another Registrar, can I switch to AdriaHost to register .срб?

No. You can register .срб domain only at the authorized registry of .Rs domain. If you want to register. SRB domain over AdriaHost, you should transfer your domain to AdriaHost.

How do I set up my .срб domain in your cPanel?

First you need to switch your domain in Cyrillic punycode, which you can do at this link. When you get a domain name in punycode form, you can add it to your cPanel via the Parked Domains and Addon domains.

Will I be able to use e-mail on your own .срб domain?

Currently it is not possible to use the email service in the Cyrillic domain.

How to adjust the Cyrillic alphabet on your computer?

Address space that exists within .срб domain?