wordpress-logo-100You’ve bought a web hosting package and now you want to install WordPress? Time is ticking away, and clients are waiting? You’ve already seen the WordPress user interface and you’re amazed how easy is to add content, but nobody showed you how to install it? You don’t want to be bothered with questions like “what’s a database”, “how to upload files”, “how to link a user with a database” …

AdriaHost installs WordPress into your hosting account free of charge. All you have to do is to check the “Would you like us to install WordPress for free?” option in your purchase order on our site. Right after we setup your hosting package, we’ll send you the WordPress login parameters to your mail. The free-of-charge WordPress installation is a standard feature in all our hosting packages, the whole process is very fast, and as soon as you get the login details you’re ready to go!

Why WordPress?

WordPress was initially created as a platform for bloggers. Its current status and development show that it’s grown to become much more than just that, but rather a complete, fully-featured CMS. The authors of WordPress claim that it is “a phenomenal platform for content publishing, focused on aesthetics, web standards, and versatility.” A very well organized and designed backend allows WordPress users to easily add new content. Here are some of the reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your online business:

It’s free

WordPress, along with all of its add-ons, is available for free download from the wordpress.org website. You can either install it yourselves on any of our hosting packages, or we can do it for you, for free.

It’s Open Source

This means it was made by ordinary people, combining their knowledge and expertise in forming a completed system, and making it available to everyone. This also means that you can also contribute to this system and enhance the features of WordPress. Basically, there’s no owner of WordPress, and it’s developed and enhanced by the constantly growing community of the people who love it.

It’s powerful

WordPress is very versatile. The basic package is filled with many advanced features, and its functionality can be boosted with the use of a growing number of plugins. Also, you can change any of the HTML and CSS code at any time, if you need that type of customization.

It’s simple

Equipped with lots of advanced features, at the same time WordPress provides easy content upload and website management. Each feature is more or less self-explanatory, and the user interface is simple and easy to work with. You can post a text or a picture in just a few clicks.

It’s active

Since WordPress is created by the people that use it the most, it’s regularly patched and updated. New versions bring additional stability, increased safety and simpler use. If you need a feature which is currently unavailable, you just need to ask for it; if there’s enough people asking for this feature, it’s very likely to be added in some of the upcoming versions.

It’s expandable

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We’ve already mentioned plugins; these are code snippets you add to your WordPress installation to enable additional functionalities. But that’s not all. There’s a huge repository of WordPress design themes. These are ready-made design solutions that can fit into practically any business vision you have for your website. We offer a wide range of predefined templates to our customers, coming from some of the world’s best WordPress theme designers.

It will last

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Free software solutions often don’t last too long, mostly due to the pressure from users to constantly improve their products. WordPress is different; it has been constantly growing since 2003, and it’s been holding the No1 position when it comes to CMS platforms for quite some time. Also, a lot of people are involved in its further development, so it’s not likely to disappear any time soon.

WordPress vs. the rest of the world?

WordPress is in many aspects more advanced than most of its competitors, such as Blogger, Drupal, Joomla or Typepad. With WordPress you are the owner of your blogs, while at Blogger the owner of the platform is Google. This means that they can delete your account at any time, if they feel like it. Also, you cannot get your own domain unless you pay for it. Drupal is a powerful CMS tool, but you need knowledge in PHP and other programming languages to benefit from its power, obviously focused on advanced users and experts. As far as Typepad is concerned, its monthly subscription ranges from 8 to 88 USD and it’s not Open Source. These two are considered to be the main differences and flaws, if you compare it to WordPress. Joomla is a CMS often compared to WordPress, but when it comes to the user interface usability, WordPress is a lot better. In Joomla you sometimes need 6 to 10 clicks to post a picture on your site, while at WordPress this requires only two clicks.


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