Support Services

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Our dedicated Support Team is here to help!

• We monitor servers 24h a day..
• We provide support by ticket system.

Note that we do not provide support over the phone. For safety reasons and in order to keep records of our procedures, we provide support by ticket system only. We answer to your questions on weekdays from 09h – 17h, you will get the reply as soon as possible (usually in an hour).

What is included in your FREE Support service?
What is not included in the FREE Support
Mail/webmail does not work
Login data for CMS does not work
SQL does not work
Some errors occur on website
Website is not visible
Setting scripts for mail sending
Domain support
Cleaning from phishing/malware code
cPanel functions
Setting htaccess file
Recovery from backup
Opening mail account
CMS installation
CMS plugin does not work
Free of charge migration
Report on site visits
Main domain change
Cron job setup

Step Further with Premium Support

As we aim to provide you with superb technical Support, we also offer Premium Support for issues which may not be addressed by our FREE Support service. Premium Support is ideal for more complex technical and other issues; as much as it provides you with unparalleled professionals services for just 60 EUR/ hour; in excess of that, we calculate working hours in 15 minutes increments, pro rata.

Most Frequently Availed of Services by Clients:

  • SEO website optimization – 60 EUR
  • Adding Google Analytics on website – 20 EUR
  • WordPress or Joomla update – 30 EUR
  • Website Backup – 10 EUR
  • Cleaning account of hacks and viruses – 50 EUR


I am having issues with my website, and you are not available at the moment. What do I do?

You have two options – to wait till tomorrow or to rent a server and support package that suits you best. If your business is so important and you could sustain great financial losses just because someone is not answering your ticket over the weekend, then it is completely wrong to buy shared hosting – you need server and special support. In this case, contact us to advise you on this matter.

Hosting Companies provide 24h Support, right?

We have 24h support for servers where your websites are hosted. For example, if any server-related problem occurs in 3h in the morning, we will react immediately. We give replies to our customer questions asked through ticket system on weekdays from 09-17h.