Why us?


We know our thing

With over 5 years of experience in the hosting industry, customers have given us the nickname ‘Best Hosting in Serbia’ .


We’re avalaible

The relationship with the client is very important to us. We know what it means to wait in line, and we do not put clients on that position.


We’re reliable

We use only tested solutions, because all our servers are the best datacenter in the USA and Europe, because we do not want our clients to have trouble with the local Internet providers.


We’re exact

What you buy is what you get. We don’t make promises we cannot deliver.


We’re safe

We perform a backup of your files once a week, on two physically separate locations. You deleted your entire site? We will restore it from backup.


We’re fast

When it comes to speed, we’re real freaks. We do not leave thing to chance.


We’re migrating for free

We will transfer all your files and settings that you had in the previous hosting provider. Totally free, just ask.


We’re company

We are not some hosting phantom, we are a real company, we sit in offices and pay our taxes.


We’re rewarding

Become our affiliate and will receive 50% of each sale made ​​through you. We appreciate every nice word to us some guidance, and we return the prize in cash.