Ways To Present Your Business On Google

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ways to present your business on googleThe majority of people using the Internet, both in our country and all around the world, are probably familiar with Google Maps. It’s very popular and you have probably used it yourself to at least try and find your house on it. Did you know that by using Google Maps you can promote your business?

In addition to Google Maps, Google has launched another one, named Google Business. This application is very nicely integrated with the existing maps. Apart from placing your firm with its basic information on the map, it allows you to create a page that will present the most important information to your potential clients and help them find you.

The following content will discuss ways to make use of the aforementioned tools and thus attract more customers. We will provide you with some basic information, and for more information you can contact Google Maps Help.

Make Sure You Are Added To Google Maps App

Before you do anything, make sure that your business appears on Google Maps. Just go to Google Maps home page and type in the name of your company in the search field. If it appears in the left panel, just click on it and you’ll get the location.

Clicking on a location on the map will open a window with basic information which will feature the option “Edit details”. This option is usually found under the link “More”. Through this option you come to the Place Pages where of course you’re logged in so you could edit the information.

If the business is not being used by another user then anyone can edit data. The principle is just like Wikipedia. If your company is listed and not reserved click “Claim your business”. You will be given three options: “Edit my business information”, “Suspend this listing” and “This is not my listing”.

Ways To Present Your Business On Google

The first option occupying the listing is still only you to edit, suspend option will delete the listing off the map, and the third option will remove, but at the same time begin the process of adding a brand new listing, the correct one.

Of course there is also the possibility that your company is not featured on the map. In this case, you go to Google Business home page and click on “Add a new business”. You can add up to 100 listings on a single Google account.

In each of these cases, Google needs to check whether the company is really yours by sending you a unique PIN by mail or you will have it dictated over the phone.

Add information about your business

When you create your listing, and thus the framework for the data you want to present to your clients, then the next step is to add data. Of course, primarily entering the company’s name, address, phone, website (if you have it, if you don’t – AdriaHost will make you one) and all other basic information that each client requests is understood.

In addition to these basic information you can add photos, video recordings of your business space which may be really useful for restaurants or hotels, for instance. Naturally, all video recordings can be featured directly from the YouTube service.

What is important is placing your company’s listing in the appropriate category. This will make it easier for your customers to find you faster. This is important since it is not really logical to have your hotel placed in the “housework” category. Such an error can severely hamper your position in comparison to your competitors.

Get straight up advantage over the competition

A very useful feature is the possibility of giving coupons through Google. You have the ability to create and distribute them to your Google page visitors. This is a great way to impose yourselves and attract customers to visit you.

Ways To Present Your Business On Google

Of course, with this option, you can gain the advantage of using the standard Google services for promotion. Compared to others, AdWords and AdSense campaigns will certainly boost you, and there is a relatively new tool called Tags. This service highlights your business on the map by marking it with a yellow tag.

Measure success

As with all other online and offline campaigns related to the promotion of business, it is important to know what the results you are giving and whether the campaigns you are working on have any impact on your business.

Using Google Business gives you a space that displays data on how often people find your listing, whether and how many times they click on it to view more detailed information, what they usually browse etc.

These data are important because based on it you get to find out whether you have placed your company in a good category, whether and how often you are shown to the visitors. Based on these data, you can make changes to your listing to have it featured more often and in a better way.

It is important to note that the changes you make will not be immediately visible. Changes will be posted within 30 days, so be sure to give Google correct information as to avoid waiting again for additional couple of changes on the listing.


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