18 WordPress Plugins You Must Have

18 wordpress plugins that you need to haveBeside Hello Dolly plugin that comes with WordPress installation package, there are hundreds of other super useful plugins that can enhance your blog’s performance. Since your blog stands as a testament to your social media efforts, these plugins will definitely give you a head start. So, in case your blog needs some incentive, consider adding some of these fantastic plugins and watch the number of visitors and registered users rise dramatically.

1. Akismet


If your blog is a castle, then Aksimet is a surrounding fortress. Akismet is the finest anti-spam WordPress plugin. It can tell the difference between good, bad and questionable in a blink of an eye. Setting it is easy and helps keep spammers away from you.

2. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

This plugin uses the static HTML version of your blog in order to reduce the amount of time needed for loading pages. This means that users can surf your blog much faster and it also reduces the processor overload than it is the case with standard and “clean” WordPress. When users notice that pages are loading faster they will stay on the website for longer periods and explore it more thoroughly.

3. WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts

Offer your blog viewers posts you’ve written that are thematically similar to that they are reading at the moment. Through post tags they can be mutually interlinked. Connecting posts is a great way to take a visitor from one post to another and thus keep them a little longer on a website.

4. Disqus Comments

Disqus Comments

Pronounces discuss, this powerful tool for moderating comments is necessary on every blog. Disqus enables SEO comments, automatic backup of WordPress and importing the existing comments. A fantastic plugin that lets you know about every new comment posted so you can welcome people and thank them for reading you.

5. Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator

Instead of keep going back to Google Analytics, install this handy plugin and you can acsess the Google Analytics info in your dashboard. You can choose one of the widgets that will display analytics data in admin part of your blog.

6. Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap

Another mighty plugin that assists major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com) to index your blog. You must be indexed so that people can find you, and with sitemap, this process is a whole lot easier.

7. FD Feedburner Plugin

FD Feedburner Plugin

Without people following it, a blog is like a directionless compass, quite useless. Give your readers a reason to keep coming back and read what you write by creating a RSS feed with a subscribe button. Use this plugin for lightly connect Feedburner feed and your blog.

8. Digg Digg

Digg Digg

Choose more than 99 different social networks to display on your blog posts and make it possible for users to share your content with others. There are tons of plugins for social media, but this one tops them all for being compact, simple to set and being able to link to any social network you can think of.

9. Comment Luv

Comment Luv

A nice way to thank people who leave comments on your blog is to place a link to the newest post on their blog. This is a great way to exchange links with people who support your blog. Its only flaw is that this plugin cannot be used with Disqus Comments. Bummer.

10. Jetpack


Jetpack WordPress plugin is a collection of plugin-modules that used to be available to WordPress.com users only. By installing this plugin on your website, you also install plenty of useful options to impact the looks, functionality, mobility, content and performance. All of the things you could gain by installing plugins by different authors, you get in one go with the help of Jetpack.

11. NextGen Gallery

NextGen Gallery

Photocrati company plugin enables you to create picture galleries, slideshow, video, music playlist and many more. It contains an automatic picture resizer, video playback and mobile solutions for all things multimedia. This plugin will turn your blog into an audio/video masterpiece.

12. Brokenlink Checker

Brokenlink Checker

Use this plugin in order to find links that work or those missing in posts, pages, blogroll and custom fields. It also searches for missing images and gives you a heads-up in case it finds them. As your blog grows and you keep interlinking pages both internally and externally, this plugin can be enormously helpful.

13. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

A very popular All-in-One-SEO plugin is extremely good for optimizing your website. Download this plugin and optimize your website with all the excellent options it holds plus extra few things like creating SEO relevant metadata, avoiding duplicated content and optimizing page headlines and posts for better visibility by search engines.

14. SEO Friendly photos

SEO Friendly photos

Do not underestimate the power of pictures on your blog! They can make your ranking boom and bloom if you only take some time to add ALT and TITLE attributes to them. Using keywords in these fields will rocket your blog towards new heights whenever a user looks for a certain phrase or image. This plugin makes image organizing easy as a pie!

15. Revision Control

Revision Control

With every change, update and edit you make on your blog, WordPress creates a backup. These revision backups can pile up in no time and turn a small post into a huge file. Revision Control plugin allows you to limit the number of revisions to only the few most recent ones.

16. Sucuri Scanner

Sucuri Scanner

Sucuri Scanner proactively scans your WordPress for security breaches, changed files as well as measures of precaution of your WordPress site. You can protect your WordPress website from brute force attacks, unregulated updates and a whole streak of security omissions.

17. Events Calendar

Events Calendar

An excellent plugin for announcing events, presented in a nice looking calendar with the option of independent changes according to your needs. Plugin contains a few useful widgets for presenting events in an even more eye-catching manner.

18. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast offers you a possibility of a more advanced optimizing your website for Google ranking. It is regularly updated and it keeps track of all the novelties in Google algorithm, so that your website is top-notch for search engines at all times.

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