10 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials That Will Blow Your Mind

photoshop tutorialsFor more than 20 years, Photoshop has been a mainstay of design and it still is a great tool for professional artists, as well as for people who work in social media. However, the sophisticated image editor has a very complicated learning ability. With so many tools, options and concepts to overcome all new users may be discouraged because of the empty help file.

But, hey! No need to panic, really! We are together in this and we are going to help you with the comprehensive wisdom of YouTube which is always available to you and everybody else willing to learn. There are plenty of Photoshop tutorials on this video online. Some of them are very good at the least, while others are not something you should even bother with.

To help you get all the right information, we have selected all the right and helpful video tutorials. Regardless of you being a complete novice when it comes to this software, or you are a veteran – there is always something new to learn.

Photoshop for Beginners

If you are looking for a way to come to grips and learn the basic functions of Phostoshop, refer to the “101” resource, a video that shows it all nice and easy and does not require any previous knowledge or previous experience.

1. Workspace

If you have never used a virtual brush, go to the next video that provides an overview of Photoshop’s Workspace i.e. workspace. It will give you a good idea of ​​where the most useful tools and menus are in Photoshop.

2. Tools and Layers

The following tutorial consists of two videos and explains the basic tools that will be needed in your adventure with graphic elements. If we need to choose just one concept that you have to learn in one Photoshop lesson, then we’d opt for learning about layers. Layers are the key to everything in Photoshop, but skipping steps and going forward too fast can confuse new users. Instead of going cluelessly through all the tools, we offer you this concise visual explanation of how layers work, and all through a simple exercise of drawing.

For Medium Level Users

If you’ve got the idea on how the software works and you have begun to cope with a new working environment, then you probably want to speed things up a bit and find out which are more powerful and more creative options that this tool offers. These tutorials will definitely steer you in this direction.

3. Blending Modes

Blending modes are associated/related with layers that are key in giving certain shades of colors in the photo as well as for many other manipulations of graphical elements. The following video will take you through many variants of blending that Photoshop has:

4. Patching and Healing

So, you managed to create your perfect new Facebook photo – except that these little patches in corners bother you so much as well as your annoying brother who likes to jump in into every photo taken. This is when you turn to the option “healing” tool as it becomes very useful. Using patching and healing can hide unwanted elements in a photo with the help of a little practice to handle these changes so that they melt in with the background.

5. Text Effects

Let’s face it, black and white text with Arial font you’ve written in Windows Paint is certainly not appropriate as a logo for your blog as one done in Photoshop would be. So, it’s time to raise it to a higher level with the help of these two Photoshop tutorials:

6. Creating Actions

When you start using this software on (semi) regular basis, you’ll find that some motions are repeated (resize, filter, blending, etc.). The “Actions” option allows you to “remember” some steps that you repeat often, and activate them with one click when you need them.

For Advanced Users

If you have spent some time surfing the Internet you probably became aware of what Photoshop magicians can do. To accomplish something truly amazing it is essential that you have the artistic talent (which is not yet part of the software), but some advanced Photoshop options can help quite a bit, just enough to impress your friends online. Even if you are not at the level of advanced monitoring tools with examples of these lessons will give you plenty of information on how the professionals work their magic.

7. Changing the Color of Hair and Eyes

If you want a new look, but do not want to spend a few extra pennies at the salon, then check out this tutorial on how to change the color of hair and eyes and get a brand new portrait.

And here you can see how to change eye color in Photoshop:

8. Art in a cup of coffee

And now something really cool. This Photoshop video tutorial can make your coffee better even better by investing time and adding some software.

9. Light Beams

If you love landscapes, then you can add a little drama to your newly created photo using just a few Photoshop tricks. In this video, the designer adds a light that breaks through the clouds and receives an extraordinary backdrop for the desktop or background of, say, your Twitter account.

10. The Fog Effect

If you want to add a little mystery to your new photo, see the following tutorial that shows how to set up a fog effect.


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