Why Are Users Unsubscribing From Your Mailing List?

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More than 90% of users unsubscribe, unlike or simply stop following some brand because of too much of unnecessary and boring communication, as stated in “ExactTarget” marketing company report, which is specialized in social networks.

The Social Brake Up study covered over 1500 users in order to do a research on how people behave online and what are the reasons to change their behaviour which leads to unlike, unsubscribe or stop following some brand on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

These are some key facts taken from the study:

  • 91% of the people unsubscribed from marketing email lists
  • 77% of the people answered that they became more discreet than the last year
  • 81% of the people unliked and/or removed posts that comes from particular company from their Facebook news feed
  • 71% of the people became much more careful before they like some Facebook page
  • 51% of the people expect some results after they like a page or marketing post, and 40% of the people don’t believe it will make any difference
  • 41% of the people unfollowed some companies on Twitter

95% of the online users in U.S. use email (93% of all users sign up for at least one opt-in list) and those researches involving email are very important for marketeers that wants to maintain good relations with their users trough email. Facebook and Twitter are also relative, because of 65% active Facebook users and 9% active Twitter users from U.S.

See pictures bellow which explains why are people unsubscribing from email lists, Facebook or Twitter and how they want to get rid of some brand that is not interesting anymore.

Reasons to Unsubscribe from Email List

Similar to Facebook, too frequent emails are the main reason why people want to unsubscribe from email list, following by content of the email which is stated to become pretty boring after some time. Brands should take this in consideration and change email content from time to time.

Reasons to Unsubscribe from Email List

How People React to Not Interesting Emails

To emphasise once again – content is the key. If your email campaign is not interesting, people will find out many ways to get rid of your emails.

How People React to Not Interesting Emails

Why Users Click “Unlike” on Brand’s Facebook Page

Too much of online presence is the main reason for Facebook and Twitter users to unlike and/or unfollow some page. In other words, people don’t like to be bothered too much by companies they follow. Make sure not to swamp your followers with posts and tweets.

Why Users Click "Unlike" on Some Brand's Facebook Page

How Facebook Users React to Boring Messages

If Facebook fan is not satisfied with the post made by some brand, he will simply click “unlike” or will hide all the post from that brand on his news feed.

How Facebook Users React to Boring Messages

Reasons for Twitter Users to Stop Following

Relevant content should be top priority to brands that communicate with it’s users trough Twitter, but that’s not the reason to swamp them with tweets.

Reasons for Twitter Users to Stop Following


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