What Are Subdomain, Parked Domain And Addon Domain?

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Adding parked or addon domains are one of the most common mistakes AdriaHost clients are having trouble with. Even more experienced users are getting confused when it comes to point whether to create subdomain, parked (alias) domain or addon domain. In order to make it easier for our clients, we decided to cover this topic on our blog.

Creating Subdomain

Let’s assume that you have a domain registered with AdriaHost and that your domain is www.somethingcool.com. Now, you decided to add some interesting blog to your website and you’d like it’s address to be blog.somethingcool.com. In order to achieve this you have to create a subdomain. You can do this by logging to your cPanel and click Subdomains icon in Domains table:


In the next step you should enter a desired subdomain (i.e. blog) and choose domain from dropdown under which it will be created. Also, you can enter a folder name which will host your blog files. When you’re done, all you should do is to click Create.

Addon Domains

Usage of addon domains is a bit different than subdomains. Most important thing to notice is that you must have those domains registered and directed to the nameservers of your hosting, prior to adding them to cPanel. If domain is not registered or it’s pointing to wrong nameservers, cPanel will show an error and will be unable to finish the process.

addon domain

Addon domains are used when you want to have another (different) website on the same hosting account. It’s not pointing on the same website as the parked domain. To create an addon domain, click on Addon Domains icon in cPanel, under Domains table.

Alias domains (parked domains)

Alias (parked) domains are used when you want more domains to open the same website as your main domain. We’ll take AdriaHost website as an example. We have www.adriahost.com and www.adriahost.rs pointing to the same website. You can park your domains by clicking on Aliases icon in your cPanel, under Domains table. After you enter domain name you want to park, click Create and you’re done.

alias domain

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