A Success Guide: Earn Money by Using Your Own Blog

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Earn Money by Using Your Own Blog

To earn good money on the Internet you primarily need a well thought out plan, time and constant dedication to your skill improvement. Naturally, keeping up with the ongoing trends and unvarying upgrading of your knowledge and inspiration is an absolute must as well.

Basically, whichever the initial reason of your starting a blog was, what matters in this “blog business” is that your web space is visited often and with a rising reach.

In this line of business, it doesn’t really matter whether you are planning to earn your capital through advertisement of other people’s products and services or through direct sales of your own – your goal should be establishing yourself as a brand that will further ensure you a safe ride in this business domain.

Earning with each click (PPC)

The most popular services that fit this Pay Per Click category are Google Adsense, Adversal and Chitika.

If you are looking to earn money on the Internet, the procedure of doing just that is pretty simple – it all comes downPay-Per-Click-icon to inserting the fitting code into your blog, web page or text. That exact code will be showing ads on your webpage and note reach and clicks at any given moment. This is the most important step in calculating the money that goes into your account.

The inserted code scans the whole web space, finding the fitting type of ads for each page. Each time any of the displayed advertisements is clicked by a visitor, you earn money. The amount you get per click is in English language referred to as Cost Per Click, or CPC.

The amount you can earn ranges from a few cents to a couple of dollars, depending on the theme of your web space. If your webpage is based on “profitable” topics such as weight loss or fitness, the clicks will consequently be worth more than in cases where the topics featured are unpopular and uncommon.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of productive linking of product(s) on your webpage. Each time a visitor clicks on an advertisement and buys the product behind it, you are awarded (money-wise) for providing that service on your webpage in the first place.

Such a way of payment is applicable for each product, regardless of it being a membership on a website, software, a course, any type of download, etc.

In order for this to work all it takes is for you to become a member of the affiliate program. After you have joined in, you can start earning money by redirecting your traffic towards the website optimized for purchasing. The most popular way of this model is Amazon.

Earn Money by Using Your Own Blog

For instance, say your website features fitness related topics. You are given the option of linking your texts to Amazon and products (e.g. vitamins, drinks…) which relate to what you are offering/suggesting to your followers. If your clients visit the suggested page and buy the product, you earn money.

To find Affiliate programs join networks such as ClickBank or Commission Junction or find individual websites looking for a way to promote their offer.

AdriaHost also has an affiliate program which you can signup for. You can check the actual hosting packages which you can offer to your visitors and earn commission.

Selling advertisement space

Another way to make money is by selling advertisement space on your webpage. This is a pretty safe and easy way to earn money as your agreed sum is secured regardless of anyone clicking on the ad or actually buying the advertised product.website-icon
This way is far better than any of the previously mentioned ones because you are getting money even before the ad itself comes to life. If your blog/webpage isn’t popular and doesn’t feature a rising audience of visitors, it is highly unlikely there will be any interested parties in advertising on your page. After all, it is only your webpage popularity that will ensure a large number of visitors which will further lead to a higher chance of selling your advertisement space. Given that the height of your payment is set in advance, in case of a drastic increase in number of visitors the sum doesn’t increase.

The positive aspect of such a situation is that your website’s reach has a tendency of growth, which contributes to your positive image.

Selling links

Earning money through “selling links” comes down to interlinking your webpage content with someone else’s. This can be a great idea if your website is ranked well with Google. Through connecting with other not as popular or recently launched web pages you are giving them the opportunity for good web placement. Using this method, you are earning money yourself. The negative aspect of this practice is that Google doesn’t support it long-term which may lead to you gaining a bad reputation with search engines.

Sponsored texts

To earn money you may offer publishing of a paid content closely related to your webpage’s thematic direction. The interested parties are given the option to advertise their own web pages, product(s) or services through your web space. The amount of money you can earn depends either on your website’s reach or the previously agreed sum.

Production and sale of your own product(s)

After some time has passed your webpage is sure to gain regular visitors; this is the perfect timing for you to come up with a personal product or service to advertize, sell and consequently earn money off. girl-beauty-consultant-products-icon

There are plenty of options as to what these services/products may be – an e-book, WordPress add-ons, website themes, graphic work, photos, etc. If you are looking for an even bigger upgrade of your site through adding the proper functionality of an online store to it, you can achieve it by installing all the necessary add-ons.

All it takes for the money to start flowing in is time and patience followed by hard work invested in your personal brand/product/service development.

Promotional services

If you are already successful, often visited and trending on the web there is a big chance someone will try to hire you for consulting, a service or a text to write as a guest blogger. In such scenarios the thematic orientation of your blog doesn’t play a role as what matters is the fact that your name and brand attract a large number of visitors. This is good enough a reason for someone to invest money in your Internet popularity and expertise.

Limited content and web pages to join

Once your webpage visits reach an enviable point and become a constant you may consider increasing the level of information importance you feature on your page and set some boundaries.

This is a great way to carry out online courses (teaching, online lessons) or content that will be available to “premium” users only. Naturally, you need to deal with all things in moderation; it’s advisable you conduct a research in order not to lose your visitors due to your recent content and membership limitation introduction.

Website encashing

Just as with any other transaction your webpage too can be the subject of a sale. If your page prides on reputation, high reach and shows potential from the very start, it can easily be highly prized.

Each year, it is not uncommon for WordPress pages to be sold at a rather attractive price. There are even services and providers dealing with this sort of sale-mediation. If your webpage is already a good money source and lists at a positive status, it can be sold for a fine amount.

Final decision-making

This text is meant to help you in paying attention to important turns when it comes to building your Internet career. It is supposed to make it easier to choose your future activities and improvement direction. Naturally, once your mind is set on a particular direction you may explore concrete options that will result in money making.

The most popular branch currently is web design in every sense of that word.

Earn Money by Using Your Own BlogHaving a programming knowledge as well as the awareness of problems users tend to encounter can make you an accomplished expert in creating add-ons and themes for websites, giving advice, creating analysis and helping with optimization.

If, however, you are more on the creative side and love to write, illustrate and are gifted to turn any visual presentation into enjoyment you may easily earn money through writing, photo, sketch, drawings and pattern editing, as well as visual and schedule adjusting.

Basically, Internet engagement isn’t a job you can do on autopilot. Just as any other work engagement this one too may end in great success or a total lapse. Be tough on yourself and above all – disciplined. Leave all other aspects of your business to time and patience.


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