10 Free WordPress Themes for SMBs

If you have followed some of our previous blog posts, you must have noticed that most of them were WordPress-related. The subject kind of forced itself, since this CMS is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

One of the most important features of WordPress is the ability to quickly and easily change design themes i.e. the “look and feel” of your website. This option can bring up the dilemma of choosing the appropriate theme, as well as the whole process of finding a theme that will fit into your original idea and vision.

Luckily, today there are numerous companies and designers focused on WordPress theme development. Some of these themes require a fee, and some of them can be downloaded for free. The price varies, based on the theme’s complexity, as well as available features in the admin dashboard.

So, finding the right theme among all those available online, the one which could properly represent your company, can be very challenging, which further complicates the search. Of course, development of that type of website is different from, let say, a blog or other types of websites – that’s where our affordable business website package come in handy.

Here is a list of 10 WordPress themes ideal for SMBs, and if you look at our website service package, you can see that some of them are available within the offer.


This is a clean theme with a simple homepage. It is most appropriate for showcasing products or services, or any other brand that you own.

Notepad wordpress theme


Colourise is a theme ideal for companies which are more graphic-oriented. The theme has a big header in rainbow colors, which allows you to show your logo in different variations. Also, the theme has all standard navigation options, as well as a dedicated blog section.

Colourise WordPress theme


Makisig is more corporate-oriented, with a cleaner design and more conventional colors. One of the best features is an excellent sidebar, with enough space for ads and easy navigation through previous posts by multiple criteria.

Makisig WordPress theme

The Unstandard

At first glance, this theme looks ideal for photos, but this space can be used for products that you would want to highlight. Every picture can be a link, leading the user to the desired product, and the theme’s attractive design can attract the visitor to pay attention to your offer.

The Unstandard WordPress theme

Important: It is necessary to fill the website using this theme with high quality photos, in order to create the desired effect.


This one is not like other themes in this list. LaunchPad is more like an “under construction” page. Instead of showing your visitors an empty page or a “Work in progress” sign, you can actually offer a different experience, with additional options like a RSS feed or a mailing list subscription form. A nice tool for a website during its development phase.

LaunchPad WordPress theme

The Morning After

The Morning After is a classical magazine theme. However, don’t be fooled by that – this theme comes together with excellent navigation and plenty of space for the header, featured items and other branding elements. If you are looking for a smooth theme with a lot of multimedia, this one is the right for you.

The Morning After WordPress theme


This theme is based upon streaming, and is intended for companies that want to easily publish the latest news about their products and services, as well as general company news. The dark color scheme is maybe not ideal if your company is into, let say, setting up artificial grass, but it’s simplicity is a good starting point.

Charred WordPress theme


This theme is ideal for companies wanting to create a community and use it for sharing various information with their users. Posts can be organized in various formats, including collected photos, tweets, or new posts. The lack of a big header or a brand focused homepage makes this theme less ideal for product showcasing, but it’s still very good.

TheSevenFive WordPress theme


Snapshot is a theme made solely for photos, and it is best used for products showcase. It provides an elegant solution for product description, as well as an overview of everything product related. The theme also gives ample space for detailed description of what is shown at the photo.

Snapshop WordPress theme


As the before listed The Morning After, this theme is also a very clean one, and the graphic scheme used is ideal for news, branding or product showcase. This theme is an excellent solution if your aim is to build a community with a lot of flexibility and options for promotion of your company and products.

Bueno WordPress theme


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