Happy Client: Petar Vojinović

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Big traffic for a big airplane. http://t.co/Mz6CFFhsKE

Who’s Petar Vojinović?

An aviation reporter. Founder and editor of a popular regional aviation magazine – TangoSix.rs. We have had a successful cooperation in the last few years. He is one of the Challenge Accepted! clients because with his timely and quality reporting he can make a bit of a challenge for shared hosting provider.

Petar about Tangosix

Tango Six portal began as a blog and was founded more than six years ago. At the begining, I paid some US hosting after a very superficial Google-ing. When the time came to get serious, and move to Serbian (.rs) domain AdriaHost was the best solution, as it is now, when we have grown.

tangosixTango Six portal had three iterations that were named in chronological order after the US space program: the first was the Mercury (blog), followed by Gemini (the portal, in the first version), now the Apollo is ongoing, and in the next few months we are moving on to the Orbiter (Space Shuttle), the most advanced version so far.

We gave AdriaHost a “hard time” a few times, the last time that was the case with the highest recorded visit in the portal history, of more than 28,000 page views in a single day, and more than 900 visitors at one time. This is our content publishing policy – it has to be genuine, we  have to publish it first, and we have to be on the spot, in this case in the fields next to the Belgrade airport.

The technical support at AdriaHost has always been really outstanding, timely, and personal, which is extremely important for the small story as ours is. We are the part of the same community and share the willingness to help “comrades”, which is the basic building block of the Serbian Internet scene. Therefore AdriaHost, if you ask Tango Six.


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