How to install Dokuwiki from cPanel

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DokuWiki is a simple solution to organize documents and knowledge bases specially designed to be used by many users. Articles, images, important documents, and any that can be saved for public or private, can find its place in DokuWiki.

DokuWiki is a wiki application written in PHP under the GPLv2 license. It uses a similar syntax like MediaWiki and does not require MySQL database for work.

In one of the earlier texts, we wrote about the MediaWiki platform, so you can read more about it here: How to install MediaWiki from cPanel

How to install DokuWiki

You can install DokuWiki by downloading an official package from here and start the installation process. But, this can be hard if you are not familiar with how to install something from a script on the web-hosting.

You can also install DokuWiki from your cPanel automatically with Softaculous application. You only need to have hosting with cPanel and domain for your Dokuwiki. Here you need to start DokuWiki installation, select your domain, enter a new password that you will use and the process will be over in a few minutes.

Pay special attention to choosing the right internet protocol, because Adriahost now offer free SSL certificates and you can choose to install DokuWiki with https:// secured protocol.

DokuWiki cPanel

If you want to install your wiki in the root of your domain, leave the field In Directory empty. If you want to install your wiki in some folder like your-domain/wiki, you need to write wiki into the field In Directory.

After the installation, you will get a login link for your wiki. On this link, you can use username and password defined during the installation process.

If you are not familiar with this kind of settings, you will need time to learn how to do some things. For the very beginning, you can use the official DokuWiki manual. To use DokuWiki templates, check this page here.

DokuWiki examples

Charly’s Two Cents

DokuWiki cPanel

Zioth Roleplaying Resources

DokuWiki cPanel

DokuWiki cPanel

What do you need for DokuWiki?

If you are in a quest for a solid solution for your knowledge base with many useful settings, DokuWiki is the right choice, and you can run it on your hosting. If you do not have a hosting, you can check this page here Hosting for your knowledge base. You will also need an address for your wiki, and you can find that here Domain for your knowledge base.


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