5 Ways To Earn Money Using WordPress

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Owing to WordPress practicality, the sheer number of people willing to use it is on the increase. Its popularity and functionality suits those who would want to earn money using conveniences it offers. Here are five tried and tested ways to make income with WordPress, used by people all across the globe.

5 Ways To Earn Money Using WordPress
Development and Sale of WordPress Plugins

If you are using WordPress, you are surely acquainted with the fact that plugins can make your work whole lotta simpler. Implementing the code, editing comments, texts, images, material of all kind…is done in few easy clicks, all thanks to plugins. Most of them are free, while some are commercial

There are plugins which exist in two versions: free of charge, with limited abilities, and paid versions which allows its user a wider scope of possibilities. It is enough to be proficient in coding and aware of problems that WordPress users encounter on regular basis. Create a plugin that will save a lot of bother and you’re already in money making game.

5 Ways To Earn Money Using WordPress

You can sell your plugins via Code Canyon market. You can achieve this from your own blog or website that you created solely for this purpose. Also, another way to earn is by making plugins on order. Such orders can be found on services such as Freelancer, Elance, ODesk. Fine examples to help you get a grasp of this job include WebDev Studios, Plugin Developer, wpmudev.

Development of WP Themes

Are you a web-designer or a programmer by vocation? You are? Excellent! You can earn money by making WordPress themes. You don’t even have to be a top-notch designer in order to create a worthy theme if you make custom-tailored themes, according to buyers’ wishes. What is necessary is that, at the end of your working day, you know to whom the theme is intended, because you can end up with no one to buy it.

There are already numerous companies doing this kind of work. Some fine examples are Brian Clark and Chris Pearson who have founded StudioPress and Thesis, both of which are making up to million dollar a year recruiting but a few designers who work for them. Some worthy mentions too are Authentic Themes and Elegant Themes who create high quality themes that are sold at very affordable prices.

5 Ways To Earn Money Using WordPress

If you lack experience in making themes, it would be for the best that, at least in the beginning, you work in a team of people who are experienced. It is very important that you do not perceive this period in time as an obstacle in your own growth.

Themes can be sold on places like Themeforest, Creative Market, Mojo Themes or on your own website. Of course, you can also create custom made themes for individual clients.

Consulting Or Advisory Services

One of the easiest ways to earn money is offering WordPress advisory services. A fairly easy job, if you are well-trained in WordPress. In a comparatively simple way, you can offer advice and knowledge to novice and advanced users concerning creating pages and texts, teach them via prepared tutorials and helpful suggestions.

5 Ways To Earn Money Using WordPress

This type of job can present a fine basis of earning on Internet. You can advertise your skills and expertise easily if you offer your services free of charge to popular bloggers in blogging community. Ask them to support you in case they find your work satisfying, as well as to share an overview of what you do on their respective websites. Such a step would help promote you as a contributor to top of the line bloggers and would serve as a testimony to your quality.

Services and experts who indulge in this line of work are WebSavvy marketing, Jonathan Wold, Oomph and many others.

Blog Setup Service

In case your coding abilities are somewhat lacking and any of the forms of earning listed above are to no avail, and yet you are good in installing and setting-up WordPress, installing themes and plugins and updating – this could be your much needed break! Offer your knowledge to people and enable them to work on their texts, stories or poems on their website. In that scheme of things, you will be in charge for the technical aspect of business.

You can advertise easily if you make your very own website titled (e.g.) “blog maintaining service” and list all the favours that fall under your craft. Do not think of this form of money making as negligible. Trust us, there are more than a few bloggers out there who simply don’t want to be bothered by stuff like updating themes and plugins and setting WordPress. Such people prefer to stay focused solely on their blogging. Surely you should not expect a huge salary, but given that you take charge of few websites, it can still amount to a hefty extra income.

Abroad, such services are charged at varying prices – for instance, Blogs by Hearther charges $75 for setting up a blog, whereas TaloredWP will come much cheaper at $49 for basic installation, while advanced installation will come around $299.

Text Writing Services

Use your talent for writing elaborate articles, organize your offer and get chasing for that job! Even if you haven’t had much experience writing, it does not hurt to try. Do open some of free blogging services or simply pick up a pen and paper, do some research on how others do it, try to mimic their style and ideas, approach the same subject from different angles and write an article on each.

5 Ways To Earn Money Using WordPress

You can find writing jobs on services such as ProBlogger Job Board, ODesk etc. Check out your favourite websites with related subjects whether they seek articles that you could produce. Keep in mind that best results always come from writing about things that are right up your street – results will appear over time.


In case you are still of the opinion that you would not fit into any of aforementioned methods of earning, consider starting your own blog. Themes and possibilities are plenty. You can write about virtually anything.

You may advertise your abilities, knowledge and capabilities. You could create and produce interesting content and luring people to see, click, buy something out of an ad from which you could make a provision. Whatever it is you choose, you will need to learn, adapt, make connections and expand your network. Set one single goal at first, and then head towards realizing it. It will suffice – for a start.


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