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The dedicated server is a separate computer that will put your entire site, email, or web application into a completely independent environment. By renting a dedicated server, you get all its resources, a dedicated IP address, CPU, RAM, disks and complete freedom to do whatever you want with it.

Server comes with obligations. Security and monitoring, SPAM, blacklisting and special network settings require maintenance and you will need an administrator for this job. If you are not able to hire an administrator, when you rent a server from any hosting company, you get a maintenance offer that is usually paid monthly. Besides that, there is a security hardening service that is one-time paid service. Regarding this, a better hosting company will offer you a server setup at a one-time price. In particular, let’s say we offer a server setup for free when someone buys a server from us.

When do you need a dedicated server?

Keep in mind that it is not necessary for you to have a separate server if you are a startup project, a small company that is just researching the market or you started writing your own blog. However, if your business and finances depend on whether you receive and send e-mails independently of other users on time as well as whether all 500,000 followers will be able to read the text published on the blog, then you have the need for a dedicated server.

dedicated server

Also, if you want to have options that are not available on shared hosting, such as root, ssh, and sftp access, server restart and system reinstall, special scripting and changes in the purpose and operation of the server, advanced security, additional disks – HDD and SSD , you need to rent a dedicated server.

Here are a few scenarios when our customers decide to purchase the server:

  • Do you plan on appearing in the media and this will cause a big visit? There is nothing worse than when you finally come to the national TV and then your site does not work because of an oversized visit. Then you need a server.
  • You have a company with 400 employees and your business depends on your email, then you need a separate server. We know a lot of sad stories when the business stops up to 3 days due to blacklisting of e-mail addresses on a shared server.
  • Are you a marketing or design agency that runs sites for your clients? When your client’s sites are on your server then their business is safer and easier to provide support.
  • You need IPV6 addresses, you need an open port on a special address, or you want to connect your microwave to the web-site 🙂 – then you need a server.
  • If you are dealing with some inflammatory topic that can cause a counter-attack, like it is political content at the time of the election …

Dedicated server versus VPS and shared hosting

Let’s assume that you have launched a company site on shared hosting. Shared hosting means that a single server, IP address, and resources are shared by a larger number of users. However, as your company grows and develops, every email and every minute of site availability is worth more. The moment you suffer the first loss due to an important email that is late, you begin to realize that shared hosting is no longer a solution for you and that you need a more serious solution.

VPS can be a good solution for some users. There is one physical server divided into virtual entities where one user does not depend on the other. Here you are separated from other users, both in terms of resources and in terms of any abuse. However, VPS has its flaws that are reflected in a limited disk space and limited hardware resources.

The dedicated server is the most professional solution, which gives the most flexibility. The complete server machine belongs entirely to you and all resources can be easily upgraded. Only your sites can cause hardware overuse, only your e-mails can cause a blacklist to your IP address (if you send SPAM)… In other words, the key to the security of your business is in your hands. If the strongest server is small for you, we can connect multiple servers into groups and use the power of multiple machines. In this way, for example, big sites are working – like Facebook or Google.

The most important options for Dedicated Servers

Resources only for youServerski resursi

All hardware resources that come with the server belong only to you. Since there are no other sites on your server, nobody can mess up your work. The largest server from our offer has 4 CPU cores, 32 GB RAM, 400GB SSD space (+ additional disks on demand) and 10 TB monthly bandwidth.

IP adresa Server SrbijaYour Dedicated IP Address

With your server, you get only your IP address. You can add new and additional IP addresses at any time. With us, you can add 65,000 IPv6 addresses – for free. This is extremely important for RBL and blacklisting of the IP address.

RDNS Srbija lakoReverse DNS for website and e-mail

RDNS is fully available. You can set up your site and your e-mails using the correct resolving. This option is available for easy setup and from your client account. Reverse DNS allows your domain to be linked to your IP address and therefore provide a valid signature.

Server Srbija 1 gbps link1GB/s link for server traffic

You get 1 GB/s link that allows your outgoing and incoming traffic to function at high speed. In particular, this means your server is connected to the Internet via a link that allows a 1 Gigabyte per second flow rate. Video streaming, much simultaneous downloading of files from your site, sharing, reading documents, listening to music from your site.

Server SecurityAdvanced security and custom modifications

On a dedicated server, you can configure security to your needs. In shared hosting, this is not possible because it is configured so that it can be used by a large number of users, so adapting to the conditions of one user would lead to another user unable to use his or his part of the server. The great advantage of a dedicated server is that you can use the “custom script” for security that is not allowed on shared hosting.

Dedicated Server SrbijaServer Uptime depends only on your plans

You choose when you will restart your server or how long it will run without interruption. On shared hosting, it may become necessary to restart the server due to maintenance or eventual problems. On your dedicated server, you choose for yourself to restart the server or to restart in the time that suits you.

Dedicated Server Srbija AdriahostSelecting the location of the server in a certain part of the world

You can select the location of the server in a certain part of the world. Do you work with customers from East Asia? No problem. All of your clients are on the American continent? No problem, we’ll activate your server at the San Francisco Data Center. In our offer, you can choose between Europe, Asia, and America.

Dedicated Server Srbija AdriahostEnough space for all your backups – SSDs and HDDs

The finished configurations from our offer go up to 12 TB (4x1TB + 4x2TB additional space), while at any time and during work you can order additional discs and expand the space. This is quite important for saving large amounts of data, or for example, for frequent backups of data. For example, if you have an active site that is frequently changed (you entering 200 products per day), it’s not the same when you restore a site from a state of 10 days ago (and lose 2000 product entries) compared to restoring from a backup of 3 hours ago.

Dedicated Server Srbija AdriahostRoot access for your developers and administrators

To manage all of these options, you get complete Root access to your server, which includes SSH connection. This means that your developers and administrators can fully manage all of the server configurations.

The initial setup server

The initial setup or server setup includes: setting up the server, installing the operating system, installing cPanel, and configuring Apache, email server, MySQL, backup, and DNS. We provide this service for free.

Naručivanje servera onlineConfiguration flexibility

You can order and configure a server as you need it. The process is simple and all important options are already set up so you can easily make the server configuration that you need. It is a simple process:


Here you can review the configurations we have in the offer or contact us if you need a stronger and more specific solution.


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