How to add and manage DNS zones from WHM panel on VPS and Dedicated server

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In this guide, we will show you how to add and manage your DNS zones on your Dedicated or VPS server using the WHM panel. In this guide we assume that you already have a DNS server installed, which is provided with the cPanel / WHM license.

How to add a DNS zone to the server

Setting up the DNS server correctly, is the only way to display your site on the Internet. To have your address resolved correctly, you need to have or add a DNS zone.

It is easy with WHM/cPanel

This is a simple and quick procedure if you have a leased WHM/cPanel license. Just sign in to WHM and go to the DNS Functions > Add a DNS Zone:

PS Dedicated server dodavanje dns zone

To add a DNS zone, do the following:

  • In section Domain Selection, enter the IP address into the IP field
  • Enter the name of your domain into Domain field
  • Click on the button Add Zone 

VPS Dedicated server dodavanje dns zone

In this way, you add a new DNS zone on your server.

Editing an existing DNS zone

Here you also need to be logged in to WHM. Look for the Edit DNS Zone option:

VPS Dedicated server dodavanje dns zone

In the Choose a Zone to Edit field, enter the domain name of DNS zone you want to edit and click the Edit button to start:

VPS i Dedicated server dodavanje zone

Note that for editing an existing zone, you need to have a basic experience on the parameters you want to change. Editing is usually done according to the instructions you receive from the developer, hosting provider, or certain Internet service provider that requires the DNS zone to work with your server. The instructions are usually based on the model “replace the existing entry with a new one – this is a new entry” so you do not have to worry.

NS and A records are vital for DNS of any domain. Nameservers (NS) are targeted and assigned to the IP addresses to which the DNS server responds and which Apache Web Server will relocate to a specific host that is required. Pay special attention to these records and do not change them randomly, because in case of a mistake your site may stop working.

If you use our shared hosting services, you can add the necessary zones within cPanel account, which comes free with each leased shared hosting package. You can find instructions for this here: Add and edit DNS domain zone records (A, CNAME, TXT record)

Kako dodati novu DNS zonu ili prepraviti postojeću zonu na serveru? whm

You can easily purchase the WHM/cPanel license

WHM/cPanel has a graphical interface that allows you to easily and quickly manage your server without much knowledge. Of course, the basic knowledge is still required to make changes or add new options. It is necessary to know what exactly you are doing, otherwise, you can jeopardize the operation of your server and site, and therefore your business.

Great solution for VPS and Dedicated servers

Adriahost offers great hosting solutions when it comes to VPS and Dedicated servers. These solutions can improve your business at an affordable price with which you get the quality service in one of the best data centers in Europe.

Managing a Dedicated or VPS server requires basic (but advanced) knowledge to work with Linux or Windows server operating systems. In Adriahost, free solutions are available in the form of operating systems that you can get with your server, as well as licensed control panel solutions such as WHM and cPanel.

The difference between these solutions is that operating the server with the help of the operating system without WHM/cPanel requires knowledge of more than basic actions, while the management of the server via WHM/cPanel does not need to go into the core of the operating system because there is a graphical management interface.

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