How to create mockup for a cup or T-shirt

In a digital world, a mockup is a way to show how your product will look before you start the final production. This is a fast and cheap way to present your work from different angles. If your client is satisfied, you can continue with your work and invest in the final product.

Mockup dizajna na majici

What is mockup?

A Mockup is a model, a working copy, a sample that can be used to preview the idea before it goes into final production. Earlier, in order to show someone a product, it was necessary for you to make that product. Today it is no longer necessary. To present your design on a cup or a shirt, it’s enough to have a computer and Photoshop.

Where to find PSD mockup for coffee cup?

Google is your friend, but before you start your search, you can try to find your mockup on Just go to this website and in the search field type “cup mockup”. Here you can find a lot of already finished PSD mockup files. You just need to put your design into the right layer and magic will happen. For example, we have used this fancy coffee cup from the image below, and you can use the same mockup if you click here.

mockup šoljica za kafu
Designed by eightonesix / Freepik

When you finish your download, unpack the files. Open the 1545.psd file using Photoshop and double click on (Your Design Here) layer.

mockup layer photoshop

That will open a new tab and file with the layer where you need to put your design replacing the existing one. You can delete the existing layer and add yours.

uredjivanje mockup fajla photoshop

After you save the edits in this (Ctrl+s), your design will appear in the main file. Just click on the tab with the main file and then you will see the result:

konačna verzija mockup šoljica
You can see your design here

With the same way, you can edit and other mockup files too. Depending on how the author arranges the layers, the differences may occur, so take a look around layers. If you do not see the layer where you need to put your design, look into the layer folders.

Where to find T-shirt mockup PSD?

On the same website, you can find and useful T-shirt mockups for your design. If you need to show you design on a T-shirt, just type in the search “t-shirt mockup“. Here is one example of how we take our job:

mockup majica
Designed by Zlatko_Plamenov / Freepik

More websites with free PSD mockups

Freepik is not the only website with free PSD mockups. Here are a few more interesting websites with a mockup you can download for free: Mockupworld, Originalmockups, Freebiesbug, and you can use the Google Search also.

Few more mockup examples

With mockup files, you can present many of your designs ideas. Here you can see one more great example of coffee cup mockup:

Sometimes you need to present your design so it can be viewed on a laptop screen. For example, if you are in web-design here you can see a great mockup for a laptop with a preview of your page:

mockup laptop mac
Mockup psd created by anthonyboyd –

This is a fine and simple notebook mockup. If you want to show how your logo design will appear on the notebook, this is the right way to show that:

mockup rokovnik
Logo psd created by freepik –

Do you need a mockup for a business card? No problem. In this way, you can show to your client how his business cards will look if you prepare a design for him:

mockup vizit karta novčanik
Mockup psd created by –

Mockup can spare your time and your client money

With PSD mockups you can spare a lot and speed up the preparation of the final design. You can simply show your client how some design will look at various products before he starts the production and that is great. We have shown some examples, but you can find many other mockup templates for most of your needs.


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