Hosting packages and Dedicated servers located in Serbia

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So far, we only had hosting packages and dedicated server offer located in the Netherlands in one of the best datacenters in Europe. From now on, we are expanding our offer to servers and hosting packages located in Serbia.

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Hosting packages and Dedicated servers located in Serbia

According to our proven recipe that we have been refining for years, we now have shared hosting packages on servers in Serbia. This means that if you need a hosting package on a server in Serbia, you can have it with us.

Also, there are Dedicated servers located in Serbia, so you can now easily host all your sites and emails on a server located in our country. Here’s how packages look like:

SSD hosting and IP addresses in Serbia

This hosting packages located in Serbia come with high-speed SSDs – which means your site will work just as fast.

In addition to speed, we have Serbian based IPs. The idea behind it is simple, Google sees the Serbian language on the site, sees the website at the IP address from Serbia, sees that it is also hosting in Serbia and makes it clear that it needs to send you a client looking for exactly what you offer in Serbia. This is great if you have a company in Serbia.

Free SSL, PHP support from 5.6 to 7.4 versions

With these serbian based hosting packages, we also provide a free SSL certificate for each domain you place on your hosting package or server.

We prolonged our support for PHP in version 5.6 for those very traditional sites that are currently unable to upgrade to the latest versions for various reasons. For all other users who have updated their sites, there are PHP versions 7.0 to 7.4.

Important for institutions that need hosting in Serbia

Due to data protection laws, state institutions need to host in the country and they must store the data they process in Serbia. Because of this, we could not host some potential clients, but if you also need hosting in Serbia for this reason, you are free to contact us.

High-speed packages and dedicated servers in Serbia

We tested cPanel, heavy work in WordPress, parallel changes, server load in Serbia. Everything works quickly and easily, the response is fantastic. For a slightly higher price, top performance is obtained. We think it’s worth every penny.

Speed is crucial for your business and that is why we present to you the offer of hosting packages and dedicated servers located in Serbia. You can look at the packages here and contact us if you have a question.


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