How Google Speed Update affects ranking in mobile search

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Google has previously announced and confirmed that since July 2018, Google Speed Update affects the ranking of websites in mobile search. The speed of the site has so far influenced in search on desktop computers, but now make the difference for mobile searches also. If you have not paid attention to it till now, it’s time to check out your site. This is an official announcement from the Google blog.

Start with the PageSpeed Insights test

PageSpeed Insights provides enough information on where to start with optimization. You can easily see what Google thinks about your site from the point of view of mobile devices and from a desktop point of view also.

Since the beginning of this year, PageSpeed Insights provides a much better insight into how quickly site visitors see some sites. Google uses it Chrome user experience report, where actual Google Chrome viewer reports are generated. This can be seen in Page Load Distribution.

Pages are rated as Fast, Average and Slow. These values are obtained by taking the value of the measurement of First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL). Keep in mind that Page Load Distributions does not show for each site. Sites that do not have enough visits cannot be evaluated.

Check out Test My Site With Google

This mobile site speed measurement test gives you a lot of good reviews about your site. Statistics say that most sites lose half a visitor while waiting to be loaded, so here you can check out what the situation is on your site. We tested our site and see that we achieve good results, so we suggest that you also verify your site here Test My Site With Google.

AMP for faster performances on phones

AMP is shortened from Accelerated Mobile Pages and is a project designed for anyone who needs to load pages as fast as possible on mobile devices. If you use WordPress you can install a plugin that will help you with that – plugin for AMP. Just keep in mind that most of the visual section of the site in the mobile view will be thrown out so that what’s really important comes into the center – content. Programmer assistance may be necessary if you want some special solutions for the AMP design.

Double-check landing pages for Google Ads (previously Adwords)

If you run Google Ads campaigns and invest in this marketing branch, make sure that your landing pages have good results. Speed Update is a factor that also affects the Quality Score of the page that your ads point to, and if you have worse results than your competitors, you will also see changes that may affect the price for click or view. Of course, speed is essential because statistics show that people on phones leave the site if they wait for more than 3 seconds.

To check your landing pages, go to your Google Ads account, click on the campaign, click Landing Pages from the left side panel. In addition to each landing page you can see the results, so pay attention to the “Mobile-friendly click rate” and “Valid AMP click rate” (for websites in AMP).

In places where you see  “—” means that the page does not have any result that should be displayed in that column. To find out how much your site is Mobile-friendly just click on Test in the table. AMP is everywhere imposing slowly, so read how to use AMP with Google Ads.

Content is still crucial

Speed Update has a huge impact on slowest websites. Google estimates that there is a small number of searches here. However, even then, Google is still aiming to deliver the best content to its users. Theoretically, if the result of a slow site is important to what someone is looking for, Google will not push that result deeper into search just only because of the site is slow. This should not be understood as a rule because there are many other factors that are being asked.

Some conclusion is that you need to pay attention to how your site works on mobile phones. If you want a better position while someone is looking for you using a mobile phone, you need to have a faster site. AMP can be a good and quick solution because Google is largely behind. If you are interested, see more about it here MP on Google.


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