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How to make a good landing page? This question is mostly dealt by developers who create the page, but the answer in the first place depends on the people to whom the site will be dedicated and it also depends on the content to be found on the page.

What is Landing Page and why is it important to us?

The landing page is any page on which visitors can come (to land). What matters to us when Adwords is concerned is that the visitor, in addition to just coming to the page, is really attracted to the story we started.

If you just want to introduce yourself to the Internet, it’s enough to invest money in advertising a page that says “Hey! This is us and this is our site. Here you can read what we do and why we are better than others. This is our phone number, our email. This is our address, come to us and let’s talk about future cooperation.”

However, if you want site visitors to be converted to clients while they are on the site, you need to pay attention to a few more details.

How to convert a visitor into a client?

A visitor becomes your client when he comes to your page, finds what he needs, and find a proof that your site is the right place for what he wants. This usually means that the visitor has found certain signs of trust, a clear description and all the comfort that can be found on one website.

To succeed, look at what should be included in a good landing page and how it should be arranged.

Landing page with right converting structure

Starting from the most important, these are the explanations for each element of the landing page that we marked on the picture above:

1. The page title should contain words that contained an Adwords ad. The Adwords score allows the quality of the page to affect the cost of a click (CPC-cost per click) that will be lower with better matching words from the title with the ad, so pay special attention here.

2. Clear and Short Titles (subheadings) – Visitors first read big titles and subheadings. It’s rare for anyone to read the content of the text first, then the title. The title should draw the attention of the visitor and tell him to read the content of the smaller text. Clear addressing is important for the visitor’s attention to be directed in the right way. If your title is here to sell a product, do not give a title from a professional literature, but a title from a nearby store where everyone buys it.

3. Pure grammar and without spelling mistakes – Your site needs to sell a particular product. To do this, the client on the page must find as much trust details. The visitor still does not know that your product is the best, but if he realizes that you are frivolous because of poor descriptions and mistakes, he can decide to spend his money at your competition site.

4. Use the signs of trust – Customer testimonials, media references, seal guarantees, quality certificates, achievements, SSL on your site, may be helpful.

5. Use a more effective Call to action – Once you attract the visitor’s attention with an excellent title and clear content, it’s important now to tell him what to do next. If the goal is to click on the product order button, indicate this clearly (“Click to order the best hosting!”). If you want the visitor to call you by clicking the button, be clear – “Click to call”.

6. Buttons and action calls should “striking” – Find words that are interesting to people. The most common are the words: “Free”, “New”, “On action”, “Sale”, “Free Download”. The final button that the visitor will turn into the client should be clear, large and within the visible screen. If a visitor needs to scroll and look for an order button, you made a mistake.

7. Pay attention to the links you are posting – Try to keep the landing page simple. Do not post links that lead to a large number of other pages as this can easily lead to “turning” attention.

8. Use images and video clips related to the theme – Use material that will give to the visitor more information about your product. Do not use material that is not related to the product and which does not provide a better overview of the characteristics of what you are selling. If you have a video clip of a client that testifies about your qualities, that is great.

9. Keep the most important parts above the page break – When a visitor opens a site, key details should be immediately available. Do not force visitors to scroll if they want to see more, order and pay you for what you sell.

landing page adwords

Examples of good Landing page practices

The explanatory template above should help you understand better what you need for a good site, but do not understand it as a strict rule that should be respected at all costs (even if clients leave).

Smartly save words and space. Do not suffocate the visitor and burden him with details that are not necessary on a particular step or page. For example, where a visitor enters personal information, you do not have to stress him that you are refunding the money in the first 30 days, but you can mention that on page where payment is made.

Here are some examples of sites that use their sites correctly and have a good conversion:

landing page adwords

landing page adwords

landing page adwords

landing page adwords

Site, marketing channel, testing and Adriahost for best results

For success, you need to have a product, website, marketing channel and time to test and measure results. All besides your product you can find in Adriahost and we can help you to build a website and marketing through Google Adwords advertising as well as optimizing advertising and tracking results through monthly reports.

We can help you to have it a great site to convert visitors to clients and put all of this at first place in Google Search through an Adwords ads. For your part, you only need to have a great product.


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