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Website and web-design requires images, video clips and music. The solution is to buy or find free pictures, videos and music for what you need. There are both solutions available on the Internet, and in this article we will recommend sites where you can download music, videos and images for free, without or with an obligation to the author and source of the material.

Sites for downloading free images

There are plenty of sites where you can download free images that you can use for your own projects. What you need to check is how these images can be used. If there is a condition for use, it is usually that where you place an image, you also need to link the author or to emphasize on your page who is the author of the image.

Here are some of the most popular services for free downloading images:


Here are over 1.6 million royalty free stock photos that you can use. And not just pictures, you can download free video clips that you can use for your projects. Everything is free, and you can donate a cup of coffee in gratitude.

free images for site

The material from Pixabay is under Creative Commons CC0 license and this means that it can be used, modified and distributed even for commercial purposes without ask. If you are also involved in photography, you can contribute to the community and allow someone to take your photos for free.


All photos are donated here by photographers around the world. You can download photos without any additional obligations, which means that you are free to do all the work you need, and even use it for commercial purposes.

free images download unsplash

Read about the terms of use here. As with Pixabay, you can also donate your photos so people can download and use. In gratitude, when you download some material for free, if you are able, it’s nice to set a “credit” that can mention the author and the source in this way:  Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.


This service offers free stock photos, but also and free videos here. Use is exempt from any obligations and you are free to use the material for personal or commercial purposes.

pexels free

Marking authors and sources is not mandatory, but it’s nice, since the picture comes free. The only thing that is forbidden is reselling images or doing inappropriate changes so that certain details in the images become offensive.

When you download the free images you need, you can use it for personal and commercial needs under Creative Commons CC0. To make it easier to use the site and track what you downloaded, it’s a good idea to register on the site.

stocksnap free images

There is a great variety of photos, so you can find here more than you will need. You can like or add an image to your favorites and find it the next time you come to the site. Of course, if you are registered user.

Burst by Shopify

This free download service launched by Shopify – a platform that you can easily use for online sales. Accordingly, the photos you find here can be practically used for your online store.

shopify free images

It is also use Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license for further sharing of materials that can be downloaded for free. All images are in high resolution so you can easily find plenty of quality materials for your online store.

Hire a professional photographer for your products

Free images from these sites do not do the job if you have your own products. Then you need a photographer who will take it professionally for you and you can put those images on the site. Here are some recommendations:  kanilingus, Stefan Đaković, Diamondheads.

Sites for downloading free videos

It’s often necessary to find a good video for the site or blog. For example, a video background on some sites may look nice, or a simple presentation video in the article can show something about what you write. We’ve already mentioned Pexels and Pixabay, and here are some other sites where you can find free videos:


You can download free videos here, but pay attention to the license listed next to each video. Here on picture you can see where the author’s information is displayed, as well as the license details:

videvo free videos

There are several types of usage permissions here, so you can read about that here.

Stock Footage 4 Free

Here you can find quality videos for download. All recordings are in high resolution in .mov format, but there are no 4k resolutions. The license under which you can use the material is explained here.

stock footage free

Before downloading any video, you need to register. If it matters to you, the quality varies, so you can find videos of high quality, in addition to those that are in lower quality.


On this website you can find videos that are more like repeating animations that can be played in a loop. This comes great for backgrounds on website or as a handy animation for social networks.

free videos

The only disadvantage with this service is that it has a small selection of free videos that you can download. Here you can read about what you have the right to do with this material Clipsill licence.


Great base with free footage, where great attention is attracted by high-quality images from the air perspective. The videos are free for personal and commercial use, but the source of the project is need to be mentioned.

free video download

Before you use the material from this site, we recommend that you read about Terms of use. Do not forget “aerial” recordings made by dron.

Motion Places

A great place to download videos. All material is packed by the cities where it is recorded, and to download anything you need to enter your email address.

motion places free

You can read the terms of use that apply for downloading materials from the Motion Places website here. Keep in mind that the recordings are more for use in the “loop” and can find good usege as a beautiful wallpaper for your site.

Sites for downloading free music

Of course, this is not about music that you would primarily download for listening and enjoying, but about the tracks you can use for music on the site, for the intros, for the stream, or for the end of a video. Here’s where to download free music:

Youtube Free Music for Commercial Use

Here you can find the best tracks (manually selected) from the Youtube audio library. Audio records are under the Creative Commons (CC) license and where it is highlighted, you need to specify the author of the music you are using.

youtube free music

Permissions and usage methods can be found in the description of each image you are listening to, and read carefully. Where no license or terms of use are highlighted, you can use the material for both personal and commercial use without obligation.


A great site where you have a preview of music and options for listening and downloading right from the start. The only “fault” is that you have to credit the author on place where you post this material.

digccmixter free

When you click on the option to download the track, a window will open where you can easily copy the credit text. You can download the text in plain or HTML format, and there is also an option to use this materijal on Youtube. Of course, you can pay for the license and use music without obligation.

Royalty free music by Bensound

Royalty use a CC license and about the ways to use it can be read here. It is exactly written what can and can not do under the license, and what can additionally enable the paid license.

free music download

When downloading this music, you can see that you can use it anywhere as long as you point to Right here, you can also provide a paid license.


Here you can find a number of shorter sounds, noise, alarms, sounds of home appliances and the like. To download the material from this site, you need to register and log in.

freesound free music

Regarding the licenses, there are three, and that is zero (cc0), attribution (by), attribution noncommercial (by-nc). Read more about it here.

Free Music Archive

The music that can be found here is organized by the WFMU radio station. You can search the tracks by genres and lists of popularity by years, months and weeks.

free music archive

It’s best to read about the permission to use the material from this site here. There are several different levels of usage conditions, so be sure to inform yourself before downloading.

About licenses and terms of use for free material

There are different variants of licenses to use free material, but the following are most commonly used:

  • Royalty-Free: Free for use, you do not need to pay for the material or license.
  • Creative Commons: It can be used for free, but read the terms of use.
  • Public Domain: All images made before 1923 in the United States are in the public domain and you can copy, modify and distribute it.
  • Attribution: You can use the material as long as you credit the author of the material.
  • Commercial Use: It is permitted to use even for business purposes, e.g. when you’re advertising your company.
  • Membership: You need to register on the site where the material is being downloaded so you can use it. Some sites charge a membership fee.

Before downloading any material for free, be sure to spend some time reading the terms of use, especially if you are doing it for the needs of your company.


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