VPS Server stress testing and cool new options

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We tested our VPS servers and we want to share the results with you.

VPS server and its performance

We selected two VPS servers, the smallest 1-core and the strongest 4-core. We tested the power of the processor, RAM and disk speed.

Interesting, many technical data, but what do they actually tell us and how to interpret them?

CPU – The goal of the test was that a single-core processor calculates how much time it takes to execute all simple numbers up to 200,000. The processor is responsible for calculating and executing scripts on your site. The faster the processor or the more cores you have, you can have more scripts and perform faster. The great power of the processor can be seen in, for example, news portals or web stores.

CPU (all cores) – This test was the same, except that all the available cores are used with a stronger VPS server.

RAM – RAM memory is something for the processor as a “work desk”. The more you have, the more will be given to processor to put on the table and more quickly serve to the visitors. The higher the memory speed is, the more quickly it will be emptied and filled with new data. RAM memory allows better server performance when you have large visits to sites that have plenty of elements, for example, a store with a large number of products or articles.

SSD – Here we tested the speed of loading disk data, but let’s explain it like our “work table” principle. In other words, how much time is required to put it from the drawer of this table (SSD) to the desktop (RAM) so that the processor will process everything from RAM memory and quickly serve to your visitors and potential customers.

Free VPS panel

We noticed that for some clients switching to VPS from shared hosting can be expensive because they have to purchase cPanel, which is another 20 euros a month. That’s why we have offered a free cPanel alternative that is convenient to set up and is free.

Here are some of the features of the free panel:

  • easy migration from cPanel
  • native NGINX
  • easy manage of hosting accounts
  • Tomcat
  • FFmpeg
  • does not take a lot of resources

Now, you only need to choose whether to use a cPanel or a free panel.

Are you thinking about VPS or Shared hosting packages?

What else should you consider and what are the benefits of VPS server over shared hosting packages:

The server is just yours and only you use it. You can set as many sites on this server as you want.

The IP address is only yours, the reputation of the IP address for sending emails depends solely on you. This is not the case at shared hosting packages where the IP address of the server is shared with other users.

“My server, my rules”. You have the freedom on your server, you can independently place another panel if you need it. Tomcat server? No problem, just install it. If you want to use some other distribution of the operating systems, such as Ubuntu for the server, please let us know and we will install Ubuntu Server for you.

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