Why has Google decided to make HTTPS a ranking factor?

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In August 2014, Google announced that HTTPS is becoming one of the markers that search engine algorithms will record in order to rank websites. Globally, the impact is minimal and reflects on 1% of sites, but such an effect is temporary. Google plans to extend the impact that HTTPS leaves on the SERP (search engine results page).

The overall goal is to make the internet safer and encourage webmasters to understand security as a priority. Many people considered these Google steps as superfluous (in terms of ranking, not in terms of security), some other people considered as correct and useful, so we will mostly keep this in mind when we ask Why use HTTPS?

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or abbreviated HTTPS. In fact, it’s a combination of two factors, HTTP and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). HTTP is a tunnel through which data passes, and SSL is a security protocol that protects this data by encrypting them.

Together, these two protocols encrypt the session or flow – the exchange of data in communication over the Internet. HTTPS is used by e-mail services, private networks, social networks, money transfer services over the Internet, etc.

Why did Google consider it important for ranking?


One thing needs to be understood: When a user enters a search term, Google aims to provide him a relevant result that is at the same time in a safe location (site). In this way, Google provides a quality service to all its users.

Google insists on security. Even with the goal of instigating other webmasters, it has mildly improved in the ranking of all sites that have switched to HTTPS.

On the Internet, it is said that Google, as it is already in the business with the domains, will not do anything strange if it also enters the business of selling SSL certificates. Of course, they have the right to have plans and work to improve their work, and what we need to be interested in is a real and tangible improvement obtained through the use of such protocols, whether Google earns from selling these certificates or not.

What do you need to use SSL certificates?

First, you need to ask the hosting provider whether it supports setting up SSL certificates on domains. After that, you need to purchase an SSL certificate, so it’s good to know what kind of certificates exist.

The basic three types of SSL certificates are:

  • Single certificate (for one domain)
  • Multi-domain (for domain and subdomains)
  • Wildcard (for dynamic subdomains)

Before purchasing, be sure to consider which certificate you need to meet the requirements. If you are not sure, contact Adriahost customer support and they will help you to choose the best solution.

It’s great to know that Google suggests using a 2048-bit certification key that provides a high level of security and the Adriahost provides a free SSL installation service with a leased certificate.

2048 SSL kljuc sertifikat

Who should start using the SSL certificate?

It is clear why security is important for Internet shops, social networks and web services that also have a money transaction in their business description. The core of their business is to maintain secure data exchange, but what about other websites?

Whether you run a blog, a business website, an internet store, or a social network, you need to take advantage of all the benefits that HTTPS provides. It is not known when Google will again update its algorithms and increase the impact that these certificates leave. If that happens, your competition can easily come in advantage just because it uses an SSL certificate, and you do not.

Additionally, using SSL, the data is encrypted at each login to the website. The man-in-the-scenes script is prevented and the hacking capability is minimized.

Prelazak sa http na httpsHow can you get an SSL certificate?

There are two ways to get an SSL certificate. One is to rent a Business or Business Plus hosting package from our offer. You get a free SSL certificate here and you just need to set your site to work through the https protocol. Another way is to buy a paid SSL certificate. The difference between paid and free is that with the paid SSL certificate you get your personal signature on the certificate itself. With the free certificate in the signature stands the cPanel (the instance that issues this signature).

The paid certificates are used by banks, companies, internet stores and all branches that have specific requirements for security under the law or obligation. If you run a personal blog or website, you can use free SSL without any problems.

Conclusion about Google and HTTPS

Everyone benefits. Website owners provide a better, safer service to their customers. Google also provides a better service to its users by providing them with results that lead to safe locations and has the ability to additionally increase sales of SSL certificates. However, the ultimate beneficiaries are end-users because they get a better service without additional investment.

Although such steps require an additional budget that you might not have planned at the beginning, investing in a security that is further paid off, allowing better rankings for the search engines, and it is worth every dollar invested.


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