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cms made simple

CMS Made Simple is a content management system where you can easily create your site. The way of editing and administration is similar to control panels that you may have already met in WordPress, Joomla or Drupal CMS systems. This system makes it easy to create pages and add content, as well as edit the site’s layout.

The main advantages of CMS Made Simple are the following:

  • Admin panel with multi-language support
  • SEO Friendly URL Structure
  • Integrated File Manager
  • Integrated help
  • Upgradable system
  • Full support for themes and templates
  • Minimum server requests
  • Small footprint

cms made simple site

Fast installation from Adriahost cPanel

With Adriahost cPanel you get all the options to quickly and easily install some of the 350 scripts for websites and portals. This is enabled by the Softaculous application you get with each of our hosting packages. You need to log in to your cPanel and look for this application. Open it and find CMS Made Simple, and then click Install Now.

The installation process is quick and easy. Note the first section where you need to select the protocol (http or https), and then the domain where the site will work. In this section, pay attention to the In Directory option, because if you leave a default entry, the site will be installed in a specific folder instead of the root of the domain. If you want the site to be installed in the domain sub-folder (, enter the name of the folder as desired, but if you want the site to be installed at the root of the domain, delete the default entry and leave this field blank.

You will get information about access links right after installation. Then you can use the username and password that you entered during the installation setup.

cms site made simple

Examples of CMS Made Simple Practice

This platform is easily scalable and can be equally well used for small businesses or large corporations. In the pictures below, you can see several examples:

cms made simple site work

cms made simple sites images

cms made simple site and wordpress

Can the site work on this platform?

As you can see in the examples above, CMS Made Simple can easily be organized into a site for your hobby or job. You just need to have the time and patience to create a new site. Keep in mind that in relation to WordPress and other well-known platforms, this CMS is not as well supported, and it may be more difficult for you to find instructions for every detail you want to edit and set up on your site, but with a bit of effort and learning you can create a site according to your desire.

Whether you choose this or any other platform, you can easily set up your site using the services provided by Adriahost. You will need hosting for the site that you can order on our site here. Also, in order for your site to be found on the Internet, you also need a domain, so you can register your address on the domain registration page here.


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