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Moodle is one of the most used platforms for giving classes over the Internet. It’s free and open source. This means you have no costs and you can redesign its functionality.

All you need for Moodle is hosting and a domain address where you will set up your online classroom. In this article, you can find what you need most for Moodle.

How can I install Moodle?

If you already have hosting with cPanel, login to cPanel and find the Softaculous Apps Installer. Softaculous is a set of over 350 applications that you can install “on the click”. Adriahost has Softaculous included on each hosting package.

softaculous moodle

When you open Softaculous, type “moodle” in the search box to find the application you want to install, and when that application is highlighted in the search results, just click on it:

instalacija moodle cpanel

On the next screen, click the Install Now option:

moodle softaculous

Important Note: Before you start installing Moodle, consider that Moodle will work on a domain in its root (here -> or on a subdomain (here -> or in a subfolder (here -> For example, if you already have a site on a domain, you should install Moodle on a subdomain or even easier in a subfolder.

In this section, select the domain on which you install Moodle by clicking on the Choose Domain option. The image shows the installation on the subdomain, so if you have subdomains on cPanel they will also be displayed there.

Pay attention to the In Directory option. If you type something there, eg moodle, then the installation will be done in If you leave this field blank, then the installation will be done directly on the domain or subdomain you selected in the Choose Domain option. If you are not sure, stop and let us know what you are planning so we will do the installation for you.

softaculous instalacija moodle

Next, enter the name of your project and a description:

moodle instalacija

Then enter the data to create an Admin account. Be careful, enter a complex password, and the correct email address. This is the administrator account:

admin nalog moodle

Finally, just click the Install button and wait for the installation to complete. The installation takes less than a minute and you will have the platform ready very soon.

If when installing the Moodle platform via Softaculous you get the requirement to include intl and file info PHP extensions, go to the cPanel homepage and open the Select PHP Version application and include the required PHP extensions by ticking them in the extension table:

moodle intl file info

Read the Moodle documentation

Moodle as one of the most used learning platforms has many options for managing content, users, permissions, and roles. Accordingly, it has rich documentation, so we suggest that you research it and try to find a solution for everything that is not clear to you here in the Moodle documentation.

How to create a new course on Moodle?

When you log in to Moodle for the first time, you will see a guided tour option. We suggest you to go through everything in order:

kurs moodle

You can add a new (first) course by going to Site home and then clicking Add a new course:

novi kurs moodle

Go through all the options and fill them out. You will find that all the options are quite useful and adapted to running courses:

dodavanje novog kursa moodle

Add a description of the course, you will see that the text editor is pretty well done so you can easily format the text, images, and video:

kurs moodle opis

Add an image to appear in the course overview:

slika kurs moodle

Take a look at all the other options and take advantage of everything that can be useful to you:

dodatne opcije kurseva

In the end, just click on one of the Save buttons, depending on what you want next.

How to add new users to Moodle?

Just go to Site administration – Users – Add a new user:


Adding a new user to Moodle is easy, so you’ll need to enter basic user management information so that the user can participate.

How to add participants to a Moodle course?

If you have already created a course and added new users to Moodle, go to the course as Administrator, click on Participants, and then on Enrol users:

dodavanje učesnika kursa

Here, select the user you want to add to the course, assign a role to it, and finally click Enrol users to save this setting.


If you do not have hosting with cPanel and Softaculous application, contact us

Moodle platform works with your hosting. If you do not have hosting see the hosting for Moodle here. There is also a Softaculous application on these hosting packages with which you can install Moodle or let us know so we can do it for you free of charge. See also the video about the Moodle platform:


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