Free SSL certificate and why do you need it?

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Adriahost recently introduced free SSL certificates to all our hosting packages. At a time when information security is crucial for business and online presence in general, SSL certification is the right solution.

SSL is an abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer and represents the core of security and data protection on the Internet. SSL works by encrypting all the information that runs between the server->computer and the computer->server. In this way, it protects site owners and visitors who come to the site by preventing anyone from intercepting this information and having insight into the data.

With Internet Development and increasing the number of data theft and hacking attacks, SSL becomes the need of all sites that want to be on the Internet. Google announced in 2014 that will include SSL in its algorithms as one of the factors that have a decisive influence on the positioning in this search engine.

SSL encrypts all information

SSL encrypts all data, making it unreadable to people who do not need to have access to this information. If you leave your data on a site that does not have an SSL certificate, all of your data can easily reach the hands of hackers. If you own a site that does not have an SSL certificate, keep in mind that all the information that your clients leave on your site can be downloaded by third parties engaged in illegal activities.

besplatan SSL sertifikat

SSL tells people that they can trust you

SSL is mostly used by online stores, banks, governments, and all other sites with sensitive pieces of information such as credit card information, bank account information, online account orders, social networking accounts, and others.

All of these sites in front of their website address bar have a prominent secure link that is most often represented by a green lock icon:

adriahost besplatan ssl sertifikat

People who plan to leave their information on your site often check this detail before they enter any personal information or order the service.

SSL has an impact on positioning in search engines

Internet engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others seek to provide their users (people who search the Internet) a better service by serving them with results that lead to sites that have been verified – have an SSL certificate installed.

The essence of the search engine’s story is that if you want to be better positioned, secure your SSL certificate as soon as possible.

besplatan SSL sertifikat

Free SSL certificate with ordering hosting package

Since recently, we have ensured that all our customers who order the hosting package receive a free SSL certificate. Just select the Basic, Business or Business Plus hosting package for your site and get everything you need to improve the security of your site. Free SSL certificates were signed by cPanel and Comodo as a certification body. This means your sites with free SSL will have green ‘https’ in the site’s name, but they will not be signed by your organization/company.

You can order your new hosting package here: Free SSL with hosting package

What are the benefits of paid SSL certificates

If you want to be your company in the signature of your SSL, we also have certificates of paid SSL certificates for improved security of your business and the communication with your customers. Paid certificates allow better validation of your certificate, if you have a webshop, some payment providers require that you have a signed certificate signed by your company. Also, free certificates do not apply to subdomains, while paid WildCard certificates can be used on subdomains of your domain. The prices of paid SSL certificates range from 20 euros/year, up to 229 euros/year, depending on your needs, for example Positive SSL certificate of 20 euros will allow green ‘https’ in front of your site, while EV SSL of 229 euros will set a green name your company in front of your site’s name.

ssl sertifikat sa zelenom trakom

You can order an SSL certificate on the following page: Adriahost – SSL Certificates


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