Squirrel goes down – cPanel discontinues the Squirrel

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The SquirrelMail Webmail is no longer working. cPanel is planning to remove this e-mail client in version 76 but will be able to work on existing installations. In version 78, it will be removed even from these installations, so if you use a “Squirrel” you need to slowly move to another e-mail client.

SquirrelMail одлази

Why SquirrelMail goes?

The latest update to SquirrelMail happened on May 30, 2013. Each PHP version comes with more advanced with corrected security flaws. SquirrelMail cannot follow this rhythm, so cPanel has to choose between continuing to deliver this software with known flaws, to solve glitches on this open-source project or to drop it from cPanel package.

cPanel has chosen the fastest solution, and in defense of that goes that the users definitely expect a much better experience and control of what SquirrelMail offers.

Replacement for SquirrelMail

When you first started to use your webmail, you chose between Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail Webmail clients. That means you can now choose another one, straight away. If you are on the road to find a good alternative to SquirrelMail, we suggest you to slowly get familiar with RoundCube e-mail client. Just click on your email account name in the upper right corner and choose RoundCube from the drop-down menu:

RoundCube уместо SquirrelMail

If you want to permanently save RoundCube as a default app, you also need to click on the star in the right of this email client’s name.

There are also some suggestions to implement AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP as a new web client. This Webmail client looks great, but the proposal did not come to great respects. Here you can see how it looks: AfterLogic WebMail Lite.

You can also keep track of the story in cPanel’s official blog: The Death of SquirrelMail


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