How to install MediaWiki from cPanel

Mediawiki is a free wiki software primarily used on Wikipedia. It is written in PHP and now is used in many other non-profit wiki projects.

It can be used as an excellent platform for a knowledge base, catalogs, recipes, texts or even for a documents database for internal use in your company or organization.

The basic idea is the ability to work on large server farms for sites that have millions of views over one day. It is a stable software with great options for implementing additional features. It uses PHP to process and display data recorded in a database.

Install MediaWiki from cPanel

Installation is simple if you use hosting with cPanel. Just log in to your cPanel and look for the Softaculous application.

The setup process is pretty straightforward, so just keep in mind to choose the correct protocol that you will use on your site (HTTP or HTTPS). Enter the location for MediaWiki installation in “In Directory” field (for example, or delete default entry if you want to install MediaWiki in the root of the domain (directly on the domain here:

If you already have multiple domains in your cPanel, pay attention to the Choose Domain option and select the domain on which MediaWiki should be installed.

It is good for a start to check the Enable Uploads option so that you and people who write on your wiki can upload pictures and documents in texts.

At the end of the installation, you will receive access links for administration and access to your new site. You can use the information you entered as a username and password during the installation to maintain your wiki.


MediaWiki is a good web-encyclopedia solution

MediaWiki comes as a pre-prepared solution for the encyclopedic type of presentation. It is not necessary to take major steps in setting up and adjusting, it is enough to solve the look, logo and some features that will be available to administrators or ordinary users.

For example, if you want to run a similar encyclopedia on WordPress, you can do this by installing WordPress and then using the appropriate plugin for the wiki. This can be unnecessary if you do not use the other features of WordPress, but they will still use certain resources.

Additionally, as mentioned at the beginning, MediaWiki is already adapted to work under heavy load of visits and concurrent reviews, so you will not need to take additional steps in that field.

The best examples of using MediaWiki in practice

Meta Wiki








Start your encyclopedia on the web

The wiki solution can be applied in many areas of business and online presentations. If you are blogging about nutrition, cuisine or a healthy life, this is a place where you can archive all your recipes. If you are writing instructions, tricks, and tips, MediaWiki is a great tool for presenting your hobbies.

It is important for you to know that Adriahost can help for choosing the right solution for your website. Just contact us and explain what you need.


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