How to manage your projects EASY and FREE with QDPM

QdPM is a project management tool that you can install easily from cPanel and use to communicate with colleagues and clients. It’s a simple application where you can gather all your notes, tasks and business plans. There is a possibility of integrating ticketing systems for your clients.

This project was developed under Open Software 3.0 (OSL-3.0) license with the following technologies: Symfony 1.4 Framework, YUI Library, jQuery. It relies on the SQL database.

With the help of these technologies, you can add and manage reports, tasks, projects, ticket, and users. You can easily add new users with roles and restrictions. For example, if you add your clients and assign them a Client role, they will not see communication between you and your colleagues.

The idea behind this project is to create an opensource framework that will support each project management methodology regardless of the purpose of business and planning. The result is the clean and useful form that can enhance every form of communication and planning.

How to start using QdPM tool?

You can install the QdPM application from Adriahost cPanel using a cPanel application called Softaculous. You need to access Softaculous, find the QdPM script and run its installation by clicking the Install Now button.

As with all other installations via Softaculous, you need to enter basic information, select the domain and location where the application will be installed. Please pay attention to choosing the right domain for installation (if you have more). If you install the application at the root of your domain, you need to leave the In Directory field blank.

Installation takes a short time and you will quickly get access links in the last installation step. The username and password you entered during the installation are necessary to guide the administration of this application, so do not lose them.

An Administrator account allows you to manage all the settings and create new users. It is recommended that you add lower roles for other new users. To manage projects and tasks, you can assign a manager role to a specific user, and as the default groups, you can use developers and clients roles.

Adding new projects is a fairly simple and clean job with pre-defined settings, among which you can choose the type of project, status, add both URLs and different dates for certain steps. It is also supported to add attachments and text with the helpful editor.

The project can only be assigned to certain members of the team, whereby all notifications will be forwarded to the right address separately. Notifications are particularly important if it is necessary to notify the members about deadlines and planned schedule about due time, so pay special attention to the dates you book.

You can easily find the added projects, while comments can be written for each project. You will need some time to explore all the options and find the purpose that will suit your business and organization.

You can add tasks and choose which project they belong to so that members of the target project will be involved and informed. All options are already there, so you can easily choose a priority, you can set an estimate of the time for which the task should be completed, you can specify the beginning and the end. It is useful that labels are already here, so you can designate the task as an idea, a bug, a plugin, a quote, a problem, and so on.

Project management tools come with Adriahost services

With the lease of hosting and domain, you get over 350 scripts that you can install free of charge. Among these scripts, there are several project management tools and we plan to describe them all over time and bring them closer to our users.

If you are planning to become our user, keep in mind that you will need hosting to use this tool: Hosting for your QdPM. In order for the application to work, you need to have a valid address (domain) that you can register here: Address for your QdPM.

For any additional questions and assistance regarding the installation of this software, feel free to contact us at the Adriahost Contact Page. We are here to help you.


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