Reasons It’s Absolutely Necessary To Have A Company Blog And Ways To Relive Your Brand

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Unless your website has visitors, there is no point to it. The site, any site on its own, has no purpose and hence isn’t productive. If you’ve decided to upgrade your business through your website presentation, you need a content that will have a well-designed plan to bring visitors in. Any site that doesn’t have a blog is usually limited to offer and business supply only. However, web content of the firm running a blog has an extended domain; offer clarifications, certificates of quality, entertainment, problems, and solutions that also fall within the scope of services. What will always attract a new client is an up to date and interesting content while the very topical breadth and keywords affect the Internet search performed by potential clients.

A Good Blog May Easily Get You Trending And Set You Apart From The Competition

To help you understand what we are talking about, we will use two companies that are engaged in similar activities as example. Both companies operate in similar domains, offering similar products and having similar price lists. Both firms operate in the same legal conditions and feature pretty similar opportunities to further develop and improve their businesses. One of these two companies has all of their experiences, clients’ problems and offered solutions compressed in a blog form. This same company makes time to talk to their customers, record their opinions and testimonies. The other of the two companies keeps a strict presentation of its activities and services with no exception and consequently drowns itself in a pattern of similar companies. Although both companies offer similar qualities, only one of them has a better chance to be well advertised on the Internet. It is not difficult to see which firm that is.

A blog can easily build up a reputation for a company, act as a statement and confirmation of that company’s efforts and commitment to meet its clients’ needs by using the already existing resources, experiences and materials.

A Blog Perfectly Fits In With Various Forms Of Social Media

Naturally, this section implies that the company is already using all the benefits of advertising and marketing that social networks provide. Connecting your blog with social networks uses the comfort users of these networks are already accustomed to. The aim of social networking should never be the display of the entire content or shared text from the blog; this is due to the simple fact that neither of the networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ weren’t designed for such “advertizing” nor do they have a capacity to display contents as good as that same content might appear on a blog. What you need to do is use the brief, clear and well-established form of social networks to its maximum, and use it mainly for advertising your work already presented on your page. This way, a steady regime of connectivity between text publications is created, which will quickly bring tangible results.

A Blog Gives Any Company A Human-like Feel

When a potential customer comes to the company’s website and sees the professionalism and effort that company’s invested into providing the best customer service, he’ll definitely be interested; however, for this customer not to lose interest, he/she needs to feel that there are real people behind this internet presentation. Basic communication, questions and answers, articles and all what you have already read above must give the impression that you really appreciate clients (both the existing and new ones), that you value their opinion, are willing to meet their needs and know how to listen.

Experienced bloggers will tell you they never target thousands or a millions of people, but rather one reader, the reader whose problems you recognize and can provide a solution for. The same is true for companies. Creating a solid basis and solicitation must be carried out through showing real quality, following a 1 + 1 pattern.

Breathing Life Into Your Brand Through A Blog Presentation

So, you have a company, brand, web presentation and money. What you don’t have are good visit rates and new content that would connect you with customers via the Internet and social networks. There is nothing special or unique about your presentation on the internet, nothing that would make you stand out from the crowd of similar offers. However, your experience, hard work and years of practice and a desire to improve your presence on the Internet are working to your advantage. Here’s what a blog can do for you, but what you also have to do to achieve significant progress.

Use The Existing And Create New Materials

Whether you are new or an already existing company with years of experience there surely must exist a piece of material that can be used to make a great story, professional text or a story that related to your area of expertise and business activities. The material you’d use can be in the form of photographs, videos, illustrations, charts, and everything else that can be converted into a visible form on the website.

  • Photos – even if your start the blog several years after you’ve been doing business, it can be interesting to the clients who visit your Web presentation to see a gallery titled “This is how we started,” or “Our first year of work in twelve pics”, or even “Ten years of our successful business in photos”. There are plenty of ideas, the retrospective of things is always much appreciated and can testify about your perseverance and experience. All existing images can be used on several occasions, but without editing of the already captured shots. Therefore, all the new photos that you make can be purposefully used for your blog upgrade, as long as you organize them well. Hire a professional photographer and give him an idea of your plans for promotion. He/she will know what to do to emphasize your company’s most beautiful aspects. Keep track of everything, because you never know when and why you may need it. Record important moments of business deals, products, facts, problems and also their solutions.
  • Video material is excellent means for all kinds of presentations, although unlike pics it is not easily manipulated, in terms of what situations should and should not be recorded. In addition, you should be careful as to what number of videos you want on your page because you don’t want videos overtaking the entire page. No matter how much detail can be shown in a video, know that one image is still worth more than a fifteen-minute video clip that nobody has the patience to watch entirely. It’s nothing personal, though – simply, nowadays, people don’t have the time to browse through both text and pics, and videos! Thus, opt for a moderate display of interesting and representative contents rather than too much of everything. If your company has found itself in the news or a talk show on television, it’s good to use a short clip of that and share it on the blog with a suitable piece of text added.
  • Illustrations, charts … Any material that can be transformed into usable Web form can be treated as a piece element or the main part of texts, as well. Although this kind of presentations agree with business articles better, they’ll be useful for a blog, too. That is why a blog isn’t strictly connected to “fun”, personal presentation on the Internet but a useful, business-like presentation also. Many celebrities, corporations, universities and scientific institutions use blogs as a way of initiating discussions on professional topics.

Capture And Use Your Clients’ Impressions As Quality Assurance

In order to breathe in life to your business, improve communication and increase activity related to your domain, use the past experiences and listen to what your current customers have to say in order to prepare for the future. Keep track of all what your clients are saying about you, be aware of both their dissatisfaction and words of encouragement. Make sure you maintain relationships with your clients in a healthy, non-pushy way. Ask them for feedback and interviews that will be used in promotional and research purposes; little thoughtful presents are always great, so give them something from your new range of products and ask them please for their opinion.

Thoughtfully planned out organization of all the material you’ve got will bring you incredible popularity.

Real clients (not hired actors) and business partners’ statements are by far the strongest arguments that will get your business sky-rocketing. In addition, depending on your area of work, helpful instructions that will help in problem solving, products and situations related to your business expertise are excellent material that will help your blog buildup.

Expert Articles

Blog is conceived as a site note, the record (eng. Web log – blog), but it gradually evolved into a presentation that can include a wide range of content. Professional texts, literature and discussions may find a place right on the blog of your company. Exhaustingly long lists of your prices and services can be really dull, especially if they’re not properly sorted out. Specifications, content and descriptions may as well be a negative side kick to your presentation. This is why it’s important to use visual content the best way possible, i.e. pics, videos and other positive quality certifications as they have the ability to turn boring contents into interesting materials.

This is also a great way to differentiate yourself from the already seen, known forms and thus stand out from the competition. Of course, it will take you some time, but you’ll get there.

Blog As A Digital PR Activity Center

If you include all these guidelines mentioned above and you organize them well, you are getting the center of your internet presentation – on your blog. If, following, you manage to get all activity creators (authors) joined in one team and you, further, enrich the entire communication with tools needed for proper organization and running of a blog, you will get a high quality and simple, cost-effective PR center that will continue to manage all postings to social networks and communication on the Internet. We will be definitely talking about supporting tools WordPress features in one of the articles to come and in that way help you get a better insight into ways to get your blog trending.

A Conclusion That Isn’t An End To A Story

Starting and reviving of the existing content, as well as personalizing of the brand is not a one-time or a short-term process. It requires much more than just setting up a website and it’s a motion that never ends. It may follow different characters, experiences and highlighted trends but it always follows one pattern. It is important to understand that this job is not done without a plan and strategy by simply sharing posts on social networks by utilizing random contents and circumstances. One of the best solutions is to entrust this business to a firm engaged in digital marketing, and probably the best solution is to organizes a team of experts within your firm, invest in their education in the area so that you can have everything kept under constant supervision.


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