DNS Control Panel and How to Manage DNS Zones on The Domain

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When you registering a domain name with us, we can activate the DNS control panel for you. With this panel you get various options for domain management. In addition, we will give you 50MB of hosting, where you can set a static page, 1 email account, email forwarders and anti-spam protection. In this guide below, we will present you a DNS control panel and show you how to manage A record, MX record, and CNAME record.

Simple Zone editor, Advanced Zone editor, Zone Editor

When do you need to manage DNS zone records on a domain?

The DNS Control Panel serves to manage DNS zones on the domain and it is needed if you want to use e-mails via external services such as G-Suite, Yandex Mail, Gmail, Zoho Mail, Fast Mail, Rackspace or you want to have a site with your address on free blog platforms such as Blogger, Weebly, Wix, BlogSpot, and others.

There are internet services where you can not route domains using NS parameters, but only using DNS records such as A, CNAME, TXT, and MX records.

As an example, we will take that you have a blog on the Blogspot platform while you have purchased a domain with us (address for your site). In order to use the new address for your blog on Blogspot, it needs to be directed to Blogspot using CNAME record.

To point your domain to Blogspot, you need to request a CNAME record from Blogspot. That record must be written into domain zone of your domain.

Dodatne mogućnosti za dodavanje domena u dns kontrolni panel

How to add and edit A record?

You need to login to your control panel using the information you have received and open the app Advanced Zone Editor. Here you can edit existing or add new DNS zones. The procedure is simple and you only need to get the exact records to be included in the DNS zone from the service you want to use.

Dodavanje dns zapisa u kontrolnom panelu

You can read the complete instructions for adding a new or modifying an existing DNS record here: Add and edit DNS domain zone records (A, CNAME, TXT record)

How to add or edit an MX record?

When you want to use another – remote mail service (Gmail, Outlook, Yandex …) on our hosting, then you need to change the MX record. The MX record on your domain tells all other mail servers where to deliver  e-mail for you. You can change this record when you want to run your site from our server, while you want to use another server for the mail server. In order for this to work properly, you need to enter an MX record that will direct e-mail traffic to another server.

Open the Control Panel and click on Zone Editor:

DNS zone editor

Click on  MX Record:

Upravljanje MX zapisom

Enter the record that you received from the provider of the server through which you want to use the e-mails:

Dodavanje MX zapisa priority Destionation

You need to enter a priority in the field Priority. 0 – zero is the top priority and indicates that the mail server is located on the local server, so if your MX server is not on our server, you will set a another priority. Into a field Destination enter the record you received from your service provider.

How to create an email address on the DNS control panel?

On the DNS Control Panel, you can use one e-mail address for free. This is ideal because you can have an email with your business name. For example, if you have leased my-company.rs domain, you can create the address sales@my-company.rs.

You just need to create a new address using the following instructions: How To Create Email Accounts?

DNS kotrola domen

You can use this address as any other email address, you can receive and send e-mails. You can access it via the Webmail application using a link that is created by the following model:


(replace “your-site-domain-name.rs” with your domain name)

You can also use this email address via a desktop email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. In addition, you can use options such as Autoresponders (automatic reply) and Forwarders (automatic forwarding of e-mails). You can also set up SPAM e-mail protection with Apache SpamAssassin. You can set all this by using the following instructions:

How to set up a site on the DNS Control Panel?

You can also set up your internet presentation – website. This is a good way to post a notice that the site is under construction.

To upload your site, search for File Manager aplication:

DNS kontrolni panel postavljanje sajta

Click on public_html folder (No 1 in the image below), and then click on the button Upload (No 2 in the image below) to perform upload:

Upload sajta na kontrolni dns panel

Once you place your site’s files in the /public_html directory, the site will start running on your domain. Please note that if you have already directed your domain to another server, the files that you place here will not be visible. Note that you can only set static pages – you do not have the ability to use the SQL database. This gives you the possibility to set up a mini site or some notice (site in construction, coming soon page, contact phone …) with a registered domain, If you need more than this, you must buy web hosting.

The DNS package solution from Adriahost allows you to direct your domain exactly where it is needed. You just need to register your domain and let us know that you need to point your domain through DNS zone records. You can see the domains from our offer on the next page Domain registration. For any additional questions you can contact us via our contact form: Contact page.


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