How to change PHP version from cPanel

Changing the PHP version from the cPanel can be done on every Adriahost hosting package. Thanks to this, every user, regardless of other shared hosting users, can choose a PHP version of his choice for his account.

The PHP version for most users is not so significant until a site or a particular application stops working because of a software request for a newer (or a particular older version) of PHP. This scenario can occur when updating the CMS and its plugins, or even migrating to servers that use a PHP version that is incompatible with site scripts.

In this case, after migrating the site, it is enough to select the version of PHP that was used with the previous hosting provider. On Adriahost servers, as part of cPanel, you can change PHP version in cPanel in the following way:

Step 1

Log in to your cPanel. Access for cPanel is on your domain:

Step 2

Look for an application in cPanel called Select PHP Version and click on it:

пхп 1Step 3

From the drop-down menu, select the version of PHP that suits you. After selecting the version, you can apply it by clicking the Set as current button.

In the table below this setting, you can activate or deactivate the appropriate PHP extensions. You can save this change by clicking the Save button, and returning to the default values can be done by clicking the Use Default button.

пхп 2

You can further edit all PHP options with one click after clicking on Switch to PHP Options.

пхп 3

To further set up certain options, just click on the existing entry and select the new one. You can save the new settings by clicking the Save button.

пхп 4

The change of the PHP version does not require an additional knowledge in coding or scripting. Just know the version you want to set up and follow the steps above. However, if you need to activate or deactivate certain PHP extensions or set the necessary options, you need to plan the consequences and the effect you want to achieve.


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